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Tom Holland denies rumors of his separation from Zendaya



Tom Holland commented on rumors that he and Zendaya broke up, which began after the actress unexpectedly unfollowed everyone on Instagram, including her boyfriend.

The other day, a reporter from TMZ caught the Spider-Man movie star in West Hollywood while he was heading somewhere with a friend. Tom was clearly in a hurry, but before getting into his Audi, he answered a journalist's question about whether it was all over between him and Zendaya. “No, no, no, absolutely not,” assured the actor.

The celebrities were also suspected of breaking up because photos of them together had not appeared since October last year. However, an insider told TMZ that he saw Tom and Zendaya together on New Year's Eve. Perhaps the couple just got better at hiding from the paparazzi.

Recall that Tom Holland met Zendaya on the set of the movie "Spider-Man: Homecoming" in 2016. The fact that the couple was dating became known only five years later. Lovers prefer not to talk about theirpersonal life, but sometimes they still publicly show each other signs of attention. So, in September last year, Holland congratulated Zendaya on her birthday by posting her funny photos on Instagram.

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