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Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift went on a date in Nashville

The hottest star couple today - is, of course, Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift. 26-year-old singer and 35-year-old actor do not pay attention to gossip and enjoy each other's company. They go on a date, cuddling at the beach (in full view of the paparazzi), having fun at the concert of Selena Gomez with friends of Taylor.

We have realized that this novel is in full swing, and one of these days Swift and Hiddleston proved it again - Couple was seen during a quiet dinner at the Ruth's Chris Steakhouse restaurant in Nashville. Eyewitnesses said that Tom and Taylor were extremely nice with each other, constantly holding hands and hugging. Lovers got a table in a separate part of the restaurant, guarded by a security. After dinner, a couple went home. Tom, like a real gentleman walked his girl to the car and carefully opened the front door.

The news about the novel of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston surprised not only fans of the stars (and us), but also the former lover of Taylor - Calvin Harris. According to sources, the DJ is angry and upset by the fact that Swift started a new relationship just two weeks after their separation.

Sources close to Calvin, also said that a man suspects that Taylor started dating Hiddleston at a time when she was in a relationship with Harris.

Taylor and Calvin had a serious relationship, but he suspected that she was hiding something from him since the beginning of May. His suspicions were finally confirmed, when photos of Taylor and Tom appeared on the Web.

“He is angry and feeling betrayed”, - says an insider adding: “When he saw the photos, he immediately remembered the Met Gala. Calvin has a lot of questions, he is disappointed with Taylor. He didn't think Taylor would do that. It makes her look bad”.

And, as we now know, Calvin's suspicions were not groundless, because in early May, Taylor and Tom had grown close - a couple danced together all night at Met Gala.

After the publication of romantic photos of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, Calvin lost his patience and posted on Twitter a message, which was accompanied by emojis in the form of skulls: “Well, it began ...”

However, then Harris removed his message and decided to erase the memory of ex-girlfriend: the DJ not only deleted Taylor and her brother from social networks, but dleted all photos with former lover. In addition, Harris deleted the massage, that said he loved and respected Taylor despite their separation as a couple.

By the way, insiders also say that the stars were uncomfortable due to the fact that there was a heat between them shortly after Taylor broke up with Calvin Harris. Soon, however, Swift stopped thinking about if she was doing the right thing, and decided to jump into a relationship with charming Hiddleston. And we understand her!


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