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Tina Kunakey laughed at haters comparing her to Monica Bellucci

51-year-old French actor Vincent Cassel married his lover 21-year-old model Tina Kunakey in late August. The couple played a secret wedding in the famous resort town of Biarritz in France.

Despite this, many still continue to compare Tina and the ex-wife of actor Monica Bellucci. Kunakey herself didn’t react to such comparisons for a long time, but now she decided to answer the haters.

On Instagram, the star chatted with followers and answered their questions. One of the bloggers said that Monica was still better, to which Tina replied with humor: “Which Monica? Lewinsky? Then she thanked the blogger for such words. 

The girl's fans decided that she gave a fitting rebuff to the haters and bombarded her with compliments, noting that she was perfect for Vincent, despite the impressive age difference.


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