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Tina Kunakey hinted that she was expecting a second child from Vincent Cassel


The model posted a series of shots on the blog

Tina Kunakey and Vincent Cassel met in 2015. At first, they preferred to hide their relationship. However, in the end, the lovers decided not to make a secret out of their romance. It was then that touching joint shots began to appear on the personal pages of the fashion model and the actor. And at the end of August 2018, the lovers finally got married.

In April 2019, their first joint daughter, Amazonie, was born. Vincent then became a father of many children, but for Tina this motherhood was the first. Despite the fact that Kunakey and Cassel quite often posted common photos, they preferred not to show the baby.


Tina Kunakey / Legion-Media

The other day, fans have a reason to think that celebrities are preparing for replenishment in the family. Firstly, Tina has not been published for almost a month. And secondly, on July 31, the model published a series of pictures on her blog with the caption: “123457”. Video was the last in this carousel. 


Tina Kunakey / Social network

In the video, Kunakey posed so that the fans had a chance to see her changed figure. Some fans suspect that Tina posted footage taken during her first pregnancy. The model itself has not yet commented on the speculation that she will soon become a mother for the second time.


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