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Tina Karol openly spoke about communication with Dan Balan


The artist admitted whether she keeps in touch with the singer. Ukrainian singer Tina Karol frankly answered whether she communicates with the Moldovan performer Dan Balan, with whom she was romantically linked.

According to Tina, they keep in touch. When a full-scale war began in Ukraine, Dan wrote to Tina and worried about her.

"Of course (we keep in touch - ed. note)! Everyone was worried about each other. Everyone wrote to everyone:" How are you ? Tina Karol and Dan Balan / Photo: Tina also spoke about Dan Balan's mother. According to the singer, Lyudmila Borisovna is a "charming woman."

"She is charming, she is very cheerful. Bright, charming. She is an artist. Beauty!", the performer spoke. Tina Karol and mother Dan Balan


Recall that recently Tina Karol had a concert in Moldova. Although Dan Balan himself was not at the celebrity performance, his mother came there. Tina Karol turned to Lyudmila Borisovna directly from the stage , making many compliments to her and her son.

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