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“They don’t notice me”: the scandalous ex-husband of Gagarina, Dmitry Iskhakov became useless


At least, Dmitry Iskhakov himself is sure of this.

“They don’t notice me”: the scandalous ex-husband of Gagarina became useless. Having celebrated his 44th birthday yesterday, the famous photographer admitted that he had not managed to get rid of children's complexes. Iskhakov managed to live and have children with one of the most popular singers in Russia, but even this did not raise his self-esteem. 

In a lengthy post about his birthday, Dmitry Iskhakov stated that he has always been the quietest and most inconspicuous guy in any company, and to this day he has not been able to get rid of the feeling that no one really needs him.

“Always the same awkward feeling, as if no one notices me all year. Here is my DR and everyone should politely check in, but I know that no one really cares and they don't even remember my name. All day long I politely nod, smile and mutter something in response to a wave of sincere congratulations from my loved ones (and not so close ones), but in fact I always track this damn awkwardness in myself, ”Iskhakov writes in a blog.

Photo source: Legion-Media


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