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The soloist of the Rammstein Till Lindemann commented on the rumors that he is the father of Loboda's child


In May, 35-year-old Svetlana Loboda became mother for the second time: the singer gave birth to her daughter. The birth took place in Los Angeles, in an atmosphere of strict secrecy: it is still unknown how the artist called the baby, or who the girl's father is. The singer alone raised her eldest daughter Evangelina, and the news of her second pregnancy became a complete surprise for the fans. Rumors that the father of the newborn child - the soloist of the group Rammstein Till Lindemann have been floated around on social media.

Svetlana and Till met last year at the festival "Heat" in Baku , and it was evident that a spark flashed between them. Yes there is a whole fire! Other men were not seen next to Loboda after that, and the fans reasonably concluded that her daughter's father is Lindemann. 


Svetlana herself never commented on these rumors. But her friend and producer Natella Krapivina made it for her. In an interview with, Natella spoke about conjectures about who is the father of the Loboda's child:

- I respect Svetlana's personal space and do not ask her any extra questions. I know that Sveta has a relationship, but I can not comment on anything, because this is her territory. I never go there, - the producer said. - Firstly, I feel better. Secondly, the story with Till is too beautiful in itself. 

Nevertheless, Krapivina described how the soloist of the Rammstein reacted to the news that he is the father of the Loboda's child. Till found out about his affair with a singer from the German press. The musician saw headlines in the tabloids about Svetlana's pregnancy and immediately contacted her.

- When the story got into the media, Till sent a lot of screenshots of the German press to Svetlana. And he wrote: "We have a worldwide success! Here he is. Enjoy! ", - said the producer of the performer. - Sooner or later Svetlana herself will want to tell her story, and for today it belongs only to her, and has nothing to do with me.

Hardly having given birth, Svetlana Loboda has again returned to work. Already a couple of weeks after the appearance of the baby Svetlana left Los Angeles and went to Moscow for the MUZ TV award ceremony. In August, she will go back out on tour. In this case, as the singer admits, she intends to breast-feed her daughter - good, modern moms have many high-tech and safe ways to preserve breast milk. Loboda is not going to leave the girl for more than two days, and will constantly fly to her.


Svetlana Loboda has already left the decree, but she prefers to keep the name of her second daughter, like the girl's father's name, in secret. Since last year, there have been gossip about the fact that the happy father was the soloist of the famous rock band Rammstein Till Lindemann. Lindemann himself knows about this and it amuses him. 

Svetlana at the moment - completely happy, but prefers to follow the principle of "happiness likes silence." 




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