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The new lead singer of SEREBRO Tanya Morgunova spoke about steps on the road to success

Tatyana Morgunov

Tanya remembered how she got to the casting of the Serebro band. According to the singer, it happened quite by accident, but she had the chance to be grateful. A few days ago the first concert with her participation took place.

At the end of last year it became known that a SEREBRO band was joined by the new lead singer, Tanya Morgunova. In January, the first concert with the participation of Tanya was held. As told Tanya, she accidentally saw the casting notice. She didn't know what to do for a few years, so from time to time was away from St. Petersburg trying to find herself. At one time she had tried to settle in Israel, but she has had difficulties with the paperwork to get a job there. 

"I go back to St. Petersburg, looking for myself, calm down and try to settle. Knowing me too well and what I love, my friend writes: "Look, your big moment, try", and sends me a reference to the casting in SEREBRO. And what am I? I think, well, it is not difficult to send video and just try "- shared Morgunova.

Recall that on 17 November MALFA representatives announced their choice. 19-year-old Tanya successfully coped with all stages of casting. "While she is still very young, first of all, she continues the search herself. When Tanya learned the results, immediately called her parents, they, of course, were happy for their daughter, "- said the representative of Fadeyev.

In order to act in a group, Tanya had to say goodbye to loved ones and move to live in Moscow. In the northern capital she has a boyfriend she has not seen in a long time. She encourages followers to believe in themselves and hope for the best.

"I've always had a dream, but I was trying to achieve anything myself, but it led me in the opposite direction and a sense of humor has led me to where I am. Do not be afraid of setbacks, and take them as the next step to your dream "- Tanya wrote.

Users of social networks support her and believe that she will achieve success on the stage. "These stories are very motivating", "Tanya, you are a smart girl. I immediately could see the talent in you "," You're crazy sweet, good luck and prosperity in a group, I'm sure that in time everybody will love you, "- wrote followers of "SEREBRO" new lead singer.



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