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The hockey player Ivan Telegin and Russian singer Pelageya officially divorced



Ivan Telegin and Pelageya

The Nikulinsky court of Moscow officially terminated the marriage of 34-year-old Pelageya and 28-year-old Ivan Telegin. This information in a conversation with the publication "KP" was confirmed by the lawyer of the singer Philip Ryabchenko. He clarified that now his client is relieved, and also spoke about the amount of alimony that the hockey player will now monthly transfer to his ex-wife for the upbringing of their three-year-old daughter Taisia.

The court made a decision on alimony - 25%. This is according to the law, everything is fair. Alimony is now very decent, but athletes have a short career, and over time, these payments will be like an ordinary family, - said Ryabchenko.


Pelageya and Ivan Telegin

The star's lawyer said that Pelageya plans to fully provide for herself and her daughter, but Telegin's alimony until Taisia ​​reaches adulthood will go to a special account, the money from which the hockey player's daughter will then dispose of herself.


Pelageya with her daughter Taisia

According to Ryabchenko, the litigation between the former spouses is not over yet. Now they have to deal with the division of the property that they have acquired together during three years of marriage.

Pelageya does not pretend to anything superfluous, hopes that everything will be decided fairly and according to the law, - said the representative of the star.


Ivan Telegin and Pelageya with their daughter Taisia

Pelageya and Ivan Telegin announced their separation at the end of 2019. According to rumors, the reason for their breakup was the hockey player's infidelity: he allegedly, even before parting with the singer, had an affair with businesswoman Maria Gonchar. By the way, the athlete himself later denied the information that third parties were involved in their parting with Pelagia.

At the same time, Pelageya officially filed for divorce only in May 2020, almost five months after the announcement of her separation from her husband. Recall that the divorce dragged on so much due to the fact that Telegin filed a lawsuit for the division of property, while deliberately hiding most of it from the division. In addition, according to representatives of Pelageya, shortly after parting with the singer, Telegin stopped participating in the life of their common daughter and helped her financially.


Pelageya and Ivan Telegin PHOTO Instagram

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