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The daughter of the oligarch Chigirinsky, Maria divorced her husband with a scandal


In 2015, one of the most luxurious weddings took place in Skolkovo. Russian oligarch Alexander Chigirinsky married off his daughter Maria. Philip Kirkorov, rapper Basta Rimes, Maxim Galkin, Leonid Agutin and other artists performed at the celebration. According to conservative media estimates, the wedding was estimated at more than 100 million rubles.

18-year-old Maria, who was then a student at MGIMO, married the son of a Moscow businessman Arkady Krutir - Simon. Their young family grew rapidly - first a daughter was born, and in January of this year, Masha announced the birth of her second child.

But, as Super managed to find out, already in February Chigirinskaya's marriage was destroyed - the couple broke up. And, as it turned out, not on a political note. As sources close to the oligarch's family told us, the story turned out to be as old as the world: Krutir was not ready for children and refused to take part in their upbringing. Moreover, the family was unhappy that their daughter's husband led an idle life at their expense and did not shy away from the attention of young girls. According to relatives, Simon was constantly caught flirting with others, sometimes even in the presence of his wife.

Now the couple has parted, Maria continues to raise children alone. According to rumors, Simon is now living in his parents' apartment and is experiencing financial difficulties without the support of an influential family.

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