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The beautiful wife of Russian Stanley Cup hero Nichushkin. Svetlana danced go-go and founded a cool swimwear brand


Valery Nichushkin is the main Russian hero of the Stanley Cup. The 27-year-old hockey player took the trophy for the first time in his career and became one of the most useful players in Colorado. In the final with Tampa, the forward played with an injury. After the victory, the player put up an X-ray of his leg, which shows a fracture of one of the metatarsal bones of the foot. In the most difficult and happiest moments of his career, Valery was supported by his wife Svetlana.



Nichushkin and his future wife were first seen together in 2013. Svetlana Gavrilyuk was born in Moscow, was engaged in dancing and sports. The girl played for the metropolitan rhythmic gymnastics team, and later worked as a model and go-go dancer. Before meeting with Nichushkin, Svetlana met for a long time with another famous hockey player, Nikita Filatov. It even went to the wedding. In the 2011/12 season, Filatov returned from the NHL to Russia, around the same time it became known about the separation of the couple.

Svetlana and Valery have been together for nine years. In 2018, the couple got married in Croatia. At first, young people lived in Dallas, then returned to Moscow, and in 2018 they again left for the United States. 

Nichushkin's wife now lives in two cities: Moscow and Denver. A few years ago, she founded the lingerie and beachwear brand LAVARICE. The clothes are made in Russia, but European fabrics are used in the production.

Svetlana is the founder and CEO of the company. In a couple of years, the brand has gained popularity in Russia and is now represented not only online, but also offline. There are LAVARICE stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg.


@lanalyuk @lanalyuk If Nichushkin suddenly fails in hockey, then it seems that his wife will be able to provide for him. True, he is still far from the end of his career. Now Valery has reached the peak and in the summer he should sign a very solid contract.



“I can’t express how proud I am of my husband and I know what he has been through in recent years! My husband is the personification of love for his work, the fortitude of a real man and a great example for everyone how to plow even in the most difficult time, no matter what! Even in the most difficult moments, he worked and believed that he would succeed and he would raise this cup over his head, fulfill his childhood dream! And here she is a dream in her hands! Patience and a little effort! Thank you Colorado for your faith! This man will never let you down! - Svetlana wrote on social networks after the victory of her husband's team.

With such support, Nichushkin can win another cup!

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