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Svetlana Loboda's ex-husband, Andrey Tsar commented on the divorce from Svetlana Loboda for the first time


The ex-husband of Svetlana Loboda told his version of parting with a popular singer.

IN In early October, Svetlana Loboda confirmed rumors that had long appeared in the press about her divorce from dancer Andrei Tsar, while revealing the details of the separation . The ex-lover of the Ukrainian performer all this time was in no hurry to comment on what had happened and only now voiced his version of the break in relations with Loboda in an interview with Katya Osadchy for the "High Life" program.

“There was a period when we walked head to toe and understood each other, then a period came when everything began to go in different directions, and this is normal,” Andrey admitted.


Earlier, Svetlana stated that Tsar does not earn enough and she herself has to support her family. To this the dancer replied succinctly: "Well, I earned as much as I could."

And nevertheless, Andrei claims that at home he communicated not with Loboda the artist, but his beloved woman: “At home she was a loving wife, and when this absolute understanding began to end, we parted peacefully. Now we communicate well. We don't have any conflicts. "

Also, according to Tsar, he regularly sees their common daughter Evangelina and sincerely wishes Svetlana happiness in her personal life.

Recall, the couple met during the preparation for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009. A couple of years later, Svetlana and Andrei had a daughter. 




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