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Svetlana Loboda opens up about her life after giving birth, daughters Eva and Tilda and Till Lindemann

How can she hide pregnancy seven months? Who is the father of her youngest child? What should she do to be the most popular singer in the country and a nursing mother at the same time? These questions are asked by HELLO! to superwoman. Introducing the interview with Svetlana Loboda.

"All people are like people, and I'm a superstar" - this is the refrain of a new song by an artist who is picked up by bikers and young mothers, exemplary fathers and old people playing dominoes - a place to be found in everyone's life. 

The actress herself was finally established in the role of a woman with superpowers. To sing, dance, make clips and go on tour during pregnancy, go on stage one week after giving birth, get a "plate" of MUZ-TV as the best performer and present a new SuperSTAR hit. About where she takes strength and how she manages to maintain such a level of drive, while remaining a nursing mother - in an interview with HELLO !.

- Svetlana, a teaser for the new song SuperSTAR made a lot of noise on the network. The fans tried to approach you a little, even for a few seconds to be in the role of a "superstar" - they danced, showed tricks, demonstrated their achievements ... What do you feel when you receive such a response?

I watch with great interest the creativity of the fans and am glad to see that my new song is so cool! ( Laughs .)

- When will the music video be presented?

The video will be premiered at the end of July. Filming took place in Los Angeles. They took three days off. It was not easy. One of the scenes was shot in the desert at +60 degrees - it was impossible to breathe. But what can you do, you want to be a superstar - take out supercharges. It is necessary to justify the application. ( Laughs. )

Svetlana Loboda

"I make the impression of a strong and independent woman, but this is just an image, although I like to live at high speeds"

- You gave birth to your second daughter at the end of May, after a couple of weeks you got in perfect shape - and immediately on the stage ...

Honestly, I myself do not quite believe that this is happening to me. My oldest daughter Eve is now seven years old, and I have already forgotten how it happens when a child is born, we have to remember everything anew. 

- Before the MUZ-TV Award you said that you are very limited in time, because you feed your daughter with breastfeeding. How is this possible?

I can definitely be called a fanatic mother. I fed Eva to six months, while constantly touring and passing on breast milk parcels from different parts of the world. It was the most difficult time, and now it repeats. Knowing my tough schedule, seeing that I have touring since the end of June, my relatives intimidate me to refuse to feed, to go on artificial feeding. But I'm against it. I will do this as long as possible.

- Did you feel the difference between the first delivery and the second?

You know, I still can not realize that I am the mother of two children. This is an event that you can not prepare for, although you seem to be doing this for nine months. I heard a lot from my friends, who have two children, that the first delivery is radically different in perception from the second, but I did not think so. When I gave birth to Evochka, it was so new, unexplored. I took everything very seriously and responsibly. And with the second child, on the contrary, I was hypersensitive, I experienced fears, even self-doubt, thought: "Lord, how it's all exciting." It may seem strange, but the second time is much worse. The second child is an even greater responsibility, even more anxiety.

Svetlana Loboda

The eldest daughter of Svetlana Eva was born seven years ago in marriage with a dancer and choreographer Andrei Tsar, who worked with Svetlana Loboda's ballet. They managed to maintain a good level of relations

- Looking at you, it's hard to believe that you know the fear.

It looks like I'm so strong and independent, but it's just an image. Sometimes my mother comes into the kitchen, looks at me and says: "Lord, people would know what you are like in life!" I answer: "What, I look so bad?" "No, I just feel sorry for you, you take so much on yourself ..." I retort: ​​"Mom, but all women go through the same thing." "Yes, but not all are breastfeeding at the same time, they are preparing a new show, they are shooting dance videos in the ninth month, they are recording new songs and launching new projects ..." After that we laugh together. I like my way of life, I like everything.

- How did you decide to leave the newborn baby for a few days in America?

I left her with my mom, with my little sister and our nanny. In addition, there was a pediatrician nearby who observed the daughter. Since I've toured continuously during my first pregnancy, my mother is my closest helper, to whom I trust absolutely everything. I needed this trip - at least for a day, because I did not go on stage for about three months and was already beginning to suffocate from lack of emotion. People waited for me, they waited for a new track. I could not fail them. So I left a stock of milk in the freezer for a week - and left for two days to a concert. Already at night after the Prize, I was on an airplane that was heading towards my daughters. By the way, back in the beginning of last year I planned to temporarily move to the States and stay there until June: to write a new disc, to think about my work, to "reformat", to find a new sound, devote time to myself and Evochka, which, unfortunately, I so rarely see. Three hundred concerts a year is too much, you know? And when I found out that I was pregnant, the dates of my trip just moved to the spring. It was necessary to have time to collect all the bonuses. ( laughs. ) Of course, I continued to work in such a tough regime until the eighth month, because I realized that there was a long break.

- Who first learned that you will have a second child?

Mama. She was very happy! Believed that it all happened on time. Mom was sure that I  love my profession too much and I can not plan a pregnancy. She said: "It's good that God helped you now to relax in this way." Usually, when people are running and can not stop, they are stopped by less pleasant things, so enjoy and say thank you. I'm doing it. Always. Already two weeks after giving birth Svetlana showed an ideal figure. It was not difficult to get in shape - she gained only eight kilograms and continued to lead an active lifestyle

- Was the news unexpected for you?

It was a miracle, a gift of fate ... I did not understand for a long time that I was pregnant, although it was not difficult to make the appropriate conclusion on the symptoms. But the tour schedule did not leave me time to pay attention to what is happening to me. I was in America on tour, every day I flew from one city to another. I bought the test on the third month. (He laughs.) It was necessary to cancel performances in "Crocus" and somehow explain to people why we move everything for the autumn. Already now I can say that the show will be grandiose and will be held on October 25 and 26, tickets are almost sold out. Returning to recent events, I note that I was able to hide the fact of a special situation for a long time. It was not difficult: during the second pregnancy, as well as during the first, I put on 7-8 kilograms. In the cold season, the baby bump was simply not visible under the three-dimensional clothing. In addition, I have amazing stylists who have been working with me for more than ten years, and they clearly understand what needs to be done in order to hide or emphasize certain features of the figure.

- Not features, but advantages ...

Yes! A woman expecting a miracle always looks happy and beautiful, it's true. That's what God ordered. When, at the eighth month, I finally decided to announce from the stage that I was expecting a child, and came out in a tight dress, my makeup artists and hairdressers came to a puzzle. They said: "No, well, we knew that you were absolutely crazy, but to hide this from us, when we spend time together all day long, is absolutely unthinkable!" After that they became even more touching to me.

Svetlana Loboda

Svetlana Loboda

- How did you choose the name for the youngest daughter?

I chose it after her birth. It was the same with Evochka. I wanted to see the child, get acquainted with her and only after give her a name that determines his life and in many ways - destiny. I knew how I would like to name a baby, I really liked that name, and it was very symbolic. And we called her Tilda.

- Very beautiful.

Yes, I think so too. ( Smiling. )

- And why Tilda? Were there any options?

We had a couple of options. At one time, I chose the name for Eva for two weeks and called her "girl" for a long time. My whole family laughed and said: "Will this ever happen? Maybe we'll name the child already?" But for me the choice of a name is a complicated process. In this case, I understood that Tilda's name was very strong, beautiful, and significant. When she was born, I looked at her and realized that she was like Tilda. She can not have a different name, it suits her perfectly. She is a bit like the heroine of Scandinavian fairy tales. Eyes, facial features, very meaningful, interesting look. She looks like a cartoon character.

- And for you?

You know, not really. More on Dad. There is will power in it. Energy. And sadness in the eyes. 

- There are whole discussions about who is the father of Tilda. Fans are sure that this is the leader of the group Rammstein Till Lindemann.

It seems to me that any woman wants Till to be the father of her child. I can say that he is a wonderful man and just an incredible person. And it seems to me that the fact that my daughter's name is Tilda is already a big carte blanche.

- You met Till last summer at the music festival "Heat" in Baku. In photos taken by the reporters of the festival, Till does not take his eyes off you. How did he seem to you? Svetlana Loboda

Svetlana Loboda

With the frontman Rammstein Till Lindeman, Svetlana met last year at the festival "Heat" in Baku. Their relationship did not go unnoticed - the pair hit the objectives of the paparazzi cameras

He is very caring. Incredibly talented. I really love talented people. It seems to me that any person appears in our lives to teach us something. We just need to understand that life is not given to burn it, but to learn something new all the time. After all, people come to you for a reason. And you need to try to find all possible and impossible options in order to study people who are close to you and dear, to learn from them. Especially if they are older than you.

- You talk about Till with great respect.

But it can not be otherwise.

- Svetlana, with Eva's father Andrey Tsar you managed to build warm friendly relations. It was complicated?

It seems to me, it is very important to keep the relationship for the sake of children. And respect each other. Understand that children are not to blame for what you did not work out. To realize responsibility, duty to them. Since you have not managed to keep the family, then keep at least human feelings for each other - in order for the child to have a father and mother. That's all. Therefore, no matter how you feel about the person who was in your life, you should try to find compromises. Andrei and I succeed. Svetlana Loboda

Svetlana Loboda

Svetlana tries herself in different roles. Vocals, writing songs, shooting in the video . Soon she promises to present a documentary of her authorship



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