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"She does everything right." Johnny Depp praised daughter Lily-Rose for the "Idol" series


Johnny Depp is proud of his daughter Lily-Rose, who played a major role in the scandalous series "Idol". This was told to DailyMail by an insider close to Depp. The show was criticized by both critics and viewers, accusing it of being too frank: the series has many risky shots of Lily-Rose, and scenes of violence are also shown.

According to an insider, Johnny likes that his daughter challenges herself, "takes roles that are interesting to her and test her strength." "He loves that she's on her own and working on her career on her own, not building a career on his popularity.

He loves that she's a strong personality, especially now that she's been getting so much attention for her role in Idol," the source says. The insider added that the actor is not embarrassed by the scandal surrounding the role of Lily-Rose.


Shot from the TV series "Idol"

“He is proud of her and does not give undue attention to this chatter and drama around her role. In his opinion, she is doing everything right, since this role has attracted so much attention,” the source notes. Officially, Johnny Depp did not comment on his daughter's first major project.

The series, the first episode of which was released on Sunday, earned scandalous fame even before the premiere: at Cannes, despite a five-minute standing ovation after the premiere of the first two episodes, the project received mixed reviews. The creators were accused of relying on provocative scenes, and the series received the lowest ratings in HBO history. Most viewers also criticized the show after the premiere, calling the first episode "toxic" and "disturbing".

Lily-Rose herself believes that a large number of provocative scenes in the series are fully justified.

"As an actress, it didn't bother me at all. I'm comfortable performing in this way , I love it because it brought out my character," the actress told the NY Times .

Johnny Depp himself also made his debut at Cannes after a break in his career caused by his litigation with ex-wife Amber Heard. The film with his participation "Jeanne Dubarry" received a seven-minute standing ovation, although critics called it a "royal disappointment."

Depp's return after the "cancellation" was not appreciated by everyone: journalist and TV presenter Ulrika Jonsson criticized the "Hollywood hypocrites" for admiring Depp who returned to the screens and said that he "does not look reformed." Depp himself commented on the scandals around him and told reporters at Cannes that he "does not feel" canceled "and does not need Hollywood anymore.

The network also noted that although both Johnny Depp and his daughter Lily-Rose were in Cannes, they did not come to support each other at the premieres. This provoked rumors about problems in their relationship. However, the network also expressed the opinion that Depp did not attend the premiere of his daughter's series, so as not to divert public attention from her.


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