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Sergey Bezrukov played a ballet dancer in new film of his wife

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Sergey Bezrukov recently married director Anna Mathison. This alliance proved to be very productive: they officially submitted their new trailer for the film "After you", in which the famous actor Sergey Bezrukov plays Ballet dancer Alexei Temnikov.

Sergey really got into the part: it is clear on the screen – he plays a strong person with a steel character. As it turned out, preparing for the role was extremely difficult not only physically but also mentally.

"Anna once saw me in the play "Adventures" based on the poem by Nikolai Gogol's "Dead Souls", where I played Chichikov, she liked my plastic. It was the starting point of writing the script. I was already training, I had a few rehearsals with choreographer Radu Poklitaru, who came up with the choreography. Radu said the rare ballet dancer in my age has such a good shape, I hope to justify his trust, "- said the actor in an interview.


The story is based on a real life of ballet dancer Alexei Temnikov. In the 1990s he had to leave the stage after a serious injury. After 20 years, he found that the impact of the trauma will soon lead to the fact that he is no longer able to walk. This is what serves as "triggers for the idea of the ballet, which he had dreamed about all his life. Previously, Alex allowed himself only hypothetically think about it, but was daunted by failure, and now he has nothing to lose for sure. The artist wants to leave something worthwhile behind, though on every side he is assaulted by enemies.

The film will be shown in the competition program at "Kinotavr" Film Festival, which will take place this summer in Sochi. The premiere is scheduled on 9 June.

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