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Reshetova's embarrassed about the height difference with Timati?




"He has no problem with this": a psychologist about the photographs of Timati and Reshetova, where they are supposedly of the same height

The rapper's beloved refuses to admit that she is ten centimeters taller than the father of her child.

TIMATI AND RESHETOVA. PHOTO: GLOBALLOOKPRESS Model Anastasia Volkonskaya-Reshetova posted on Instagram a series of photos with singer Timati. In the romantic pictures, the couple is enjoying a vacation alone or with their newborn son Ratmir. Subscribers noted that in the photo there are partners of the same height, although it is known that Reshetova's height is about 180 cm, and Timati is 169 cm.

“Timati is shy about his height? He is always photographed, as if on a par with you, ”wrote one of the followers.

“Because we are almost equal,” the rapper's beloved replied.

This phrase has collected many comments, where users sneer at a model who refuses to notice a difference of at least ten centimeters.


We asked psychologist Anna Zavgorodneva to comment on the situation. According to the specialist, if a man chooses a woman above himself, this may just indicate the absence of complexes. “Timati meets and has children with girls who are taller than him. That is, he just has no problems with the difference in height. Now, if he wore heels and was noticed in this, that would be another matter, ”Zavgorodneva told the portal.


The psychologist also suggested that the choice of such angles may be an attempt to avoid ridicule from haters. “Timati, who has been working in show business for many years, can perfectly understand what angles are beneficial for him and his wife. Given the opinion and bias of most people, he understands that it is easier to take photos where they are the same height. How to work with the public's responses and answer why he chose a watchtower for himself, and some kind of "pendant" himself. The Internet will find something to complain about. Perhaps this is an attempt to minimize hate, ”Zavgorodneva said. By the way, the first wife of rapper Alena Shishkova is also taller than Timati. The girl's height is 176 centimeters. MORE ON THE TOPIC "The kid is all daddy": Timati shared a tender photo with his three-month-old son Ratmir. The rapper is already trying to teach the heir to use a surfboard. The commentators of the publication suggested that it was Nastya Reshetova herself who was embarrassed by a short boyfriend, therefore, in the photo next to him, she was always in a bent position. Some users even felt sorry for a long-legged girl who has to bend over to please a man. Recall that on January 23, the chosen one of 36-year-old Timati turned 24 years old. Fans noticed that after the birth of Ratmir's son, the model began to appear more often at home, and not in glamorous outfits.


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