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Renata Litvinova criticized 8-year-old girl for performance of Zemfira's song

There was a scandal at the show "Minute of Glory".  The performance of the eight-year-old Victoria Starikova caused a public outcry. The spectators of the program were outraged by the tough judging of the girl's performance.

Judges Renata Litvinova, Vladimir Pozner and Sergei Yursky have repeatedly stated that they are against children in the program. Sergei Svetlakov, on the contrary, tried to protect the young singer. "We immediately told that the girl wanted to go on the stage herself. But the song shows the great talent of this child"- said Svetlakov.

Victoria decided to perform Zemfira's song "To live in your head". Members of the jury considered that this composition is not suitable for a first-grader who does not understand what she is singing about. Renata Litvinova was surprised that Victoria, choosing this song for the contest, does not know other songs of Zemfira. "I am protesting against this. Some kind of a forbidden move. Excuse me, you're a good girl", - Litvinova said.

The opinions of the judges were divided: two for, two against. When the actor Yursky pressed the red button, the girl was already beginning to cry, but no one thought of calming her down. Vladimir Posner also spoke sharply: "I'm against children on stage. This is more a parental vanity - parents want the children to come out and they could boast of them. The eight-year-old sings a song that was written not by an eight-year old".

Images from the program "Minute of Glory"

When asked by Renata Litvinova whether she understands the meaning of the song, Victoria replied: "This is a song about the fact that if you love a person, do not offend him." Later in an interview with Victoria admitted: "We chose this song, because we wanted to make a pleasant surprise for Renata Muratovna."

Images from the program "Minute of Glory"

Renata Litvinova explained her position to "The girl is so small, only eight years old. I think there's something wrong with this case. This is, rather, the influence of parents, really their pride, some kind of lack of fullness. I know that if children do not go any further, it becomes such a terrible trauma! They can not come to their senses. I would not let them go to such contests, no matter how talented they are ... Another thing is circus. They start very early, because, as they say, "when, if not at this age" ... Or the gymnasts, who must be very slender to fly. And so - no, I'm against it. I think it's better not to start before 12 years. Well, in my opinion. "

Recall Anna Starikova, the girl's mother, responded to the accusations and told reporters: "That was her desire to perform, not mine. But why they started scolding me? For what? Because I help my daughter fulfill a dream? This was our first step onto the stage. There have never been such colossal failures in her life. It was the first time she performed at the contest, and even with such a serious jury".

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