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Rare photos of Roman Abramovich with his youngest son appeared on the Web

The businessman and his heir were caught at a football match

Despite the fact that 54-year-old Roman Abramovich is one of the most famous billionaires in the world, he tries to carefully protect his personal life from the eyes of the press and fans. It is known that the entrepreneur has seven children. His second wife Irina gave birth to five heirs, and Daria Zhukova, with whom Roman divorced in August 2017, to two younger offspring - the son Aaron and daughter Leia.


Roman Abramovich

Daughter Leia, apparently, stayed with her mother. It is extremely rare in the blog of a gallery owner who managed to get married again, there are rare shots with the baby. But Aaron is much more often seen in the company of his father. True, like his parent, the boy rarely gets into the lenses of the paparazzi.

However, the other day, photographers still managed to take several new pictures of Abramovich's youngest son. On 29 May, the entrepreneur traveled with his heir to the 2021 UEFA Champions League final, where his Chelsea team faced Manchester City.By the way, the football club from Fulham won a victory over the opponents, which greatly pleased its owner.


In the pictures of the paparazzi, Roman looks pleased. However, all attention was focused on the lush hair of Aaron. Already now, Internet users have no doubt that in the future these curls will break more than one girl's heart.



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