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Porcelain and vintage hairstyles: a neural network showed how adaptations of Disney cartoons should look like


Photo: 7olenge/Reddit

Reddit user u/7olenge posted "still images" of movie adaptations of Disney's cult cartoons, if they were filmed during the years of the release of the animated versions. He generated them using a neural network. Unlike the original films made in recent years, these shots are made with attention to detail. The characters wear vintage hairstyles and puffy dresses, and old furniture, china and candelabra flaunt against their background. Also, the heroines of the alleged films are not without external resemblance to their prototypes.


"Sleeping Beauty" 


"Snow White"




"Peter Pan"


"Alice in Wonderland" 




"The beauty and the Beast" 

The latest film adaptations of Disney cartoons are not very warmly received by the audience: most often because of the external differences in the characters and inconsistencies with the original pictures.

In August, David Hale Hand, son of 1937 Snow White creator David Dodd Hand , said his father and Walt Disney would "turn in their graves" from a future film adaptation of the cartoon. According to him, the cartoon was created "in good taste", and the remake seems to him a "shame" for the studio and a manifestation of disrespect for the legacy of Disney and his colleagues.

"Create new characters if you want to, but don't destroy or try to destroy what's already there, which is a classic and a beautiful piece," Hand said.

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