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Polina Gagarina was photographed on a date with a married producer



The singer hides a new lover. 

After the divorce from Dmitry Iskhakov, singer Polina Gagarina sparks dating rumors. Since last summer, there were rumors that the artist had an affair with the producer ChinKong, aka Vladimir Chinyaev. It looks like their relationship turned out to be true.



Recently, Polina Gagarina got into the lenses of the paparazzi. Together with Chinyaev, she left the premiere at October in the producer's car. The singer took care of conspiracy - put on a mask and pulled a hat over her eyes.

During the trip, they stopped at a gas station where they bought coffee, and then talked for several hours in the car near Polina Gagarina's house. The singer returned to her children, while Chinyayev did not accompany her upstairs, Super reports. Not surprisingly, considering that the artist's ex-husband was against his daughter seeing her new lover.


At first, the artist wanted to go to Zanzibar for the New Year holidays, but Iskhakov forbade her daughter to travel abroad. Gagarina was able to take her family to the Maldives. It was there that they rested with Chinyayev. They say about the producer that he is still married and has two children. It is not surprising that Konstantin Bogomolov condemned the singer for an affair with a married man.


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