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Plastic surgeon of Victoria Bonya posted her photo without retouching and filters


Victoria Bonya said on Instagram* that she was undergoing plastic surgery with a famous surgeon from California, whose patients allegedly were Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. The doctor himself, meanwhile, posted photos of Victoria without makeup, retouching and filters, which were taken during the examination and consultation.

Bonya told followers that she agreed to spend 250 thousand dollars on the operation by Dr. Chia Chi Kao, because she considers him the best in his field. She also listed what exactly she would do with the surgeon: temporal lifting (lifting the frontotemporal zone), blepharoplasty to become the owner of "fox" eyes , and a lower third of the face lift.


Photos of Victoria Bonya appeared on Dr. Kao's Instagram.

Her pictures without retouching and filters are discussed on the telegram. "Victoria Bonya decided on another plastic surgery - "fox eyes", like Bella Hadid, and the traitor doctor took and posted her photo on a banned social network without retouching, "writes the channel" Only to anyone " . “Bonya went under the surgeon’s knife, who, according to her, reshaped the faces of Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid.

Bonya paid 250 thousand dollars for the operation.

Victoria Bonya spoke about the upcoming plastic surgery a few weeks ago. “The goal of the operation is not to change yourself, but, on the contrary, to allow you to keep your facial features in the best possible way. Dr. Kao works with the most famous and beautiful women on our planet. This is not some upstart doctor,” she said. Victoria stated that the operation "will cost her the price of a new Rolls-Royce", but she is sure it will be worth it.

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