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Paris Hilton will make a movie about herself

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Times are changing, and it-girls are changing with them. Lately Paris Hilton’s face seemed to be on every glossy magazine, now she is replaced by Kim Kardashian. However, the former heir of the world's largest chain of hotels soon again will assert herself. 35-year-old celebrity is planning to make a documentary film - of course, about herself.

Information about the picture of Paris Hilton appeared at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016, where XYZ Films studio is looking for potential film distributors from Europe. Filming of documentary is planned to begin this summer on one of the favorite resorts of the blonde - Ibiza. The film will be based on interview with Paris, in which she talks about her path to fame, how the popularity shaped her as a person, and what impact the image of "Blonde in Chocolate" has had on modern girls.

Directors of documentary are confident in the success of their work and enthusiastically share the details: "Paris Hilton - is a modern Marilyn Monroe: a beautiful, well-known all over the world created by the media. We welcome the opportunity to work with Paris to explore her complex relationship with the public, media and politicians that shape our understanding of the modern star”.

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