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Nikki Reed's ex-boyfriend Pavel Priluchnyy broke up with his wife


Agata and Pavel have unfollowed each other in social networks, they have stopped posting pictures of them together and do not appear in public. 

Agata Mutsenietse and Priluchnyy have repeatedly been on the verge of divorce. But each time quarrels ended in a truce and the couple continued to publish pictures of a happy family in social networks as if nothing had happened. But this time, it seems, everything is different. Agata and Pavel have unfollowed each other in social networks, they have stopped posting pictures of them together and do not appear in public.

Recently Pavel posted on his Instagram picture of another woman. In the pictures shared to Instagram was captured not a legitimate spouse, but the actress Lukerya Ilyashenko.

As a result, Agata Mutsenietse decided to clarify the situation. On her page, the actress published a picture, in which two people with open umbrellas go away in different directions. "Dear friends .. all of you and the press ask themselves about our relations with Pavel. I'll say briefly, we put our marriage on pause, whether we solve this problem or not, it is not known ..  respect us and do not ask questions ..".

This breakup was a big surprise for the fans. Literally two days ago, Agata published on her YouTube channel the video, which was filmed during their travels with Pavel. In the frame, the couple looked happy.

"I believe that the pause is temporary .... " Dear ones, do not destroy your family with beautiful children. Think first of all how it will be. Everything happens. Be patient! "- fans supported a couple .

Recall, Agata Mutsenietse and Pavel Priluchnyy began dating on the set of "Closed School". The actor managed to steal the girl  from her fiancé. After one and a half years of living together in 2011, the couple legalized their relationship. And they did it secretly, inviting only the closest people to the wedding. Three years later the son Timofey was born, and in 2016 - the daughter Mia.

In 2009, media reported about the close relations of then still a little-known Russian actor Pavel Priluchnyy and Hollywood star Nikki Reed, who played in the "Twilight" saga. The actress even got a tattoo on her wrist with the name of the Russian boyfriend, but by October 2011, it disappeared from the girl's hands. In an exclusive interview to "Caravan of stories" Pavel  Priluchnyy told about romance with Reed and explained why they broke up.

"A wild affair with Nikki Reed was just a wonderful adventure. <...> I did not even know who she was... "Twilight" was then in the process of filming, I have not seen other films with Nikki Reed", - said the actor.

"Crazy everywhere: she is getting married today, disappears tomorrow, six months later trows a wedding again ... But in fact she was playing with my feelings! <...> The one thing I took away from all that: long-distance relationship - it's a fad, you can never rely on another person, to go crazy", - says Pavel.


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