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Nikki Reed admitted that Pavel Priluchnyy refused to marry her

Hollywood actress invited her lover to get married in Las Vegas.

While studying at the Moscow Art Theater School, Pavel Priluchnyy met with the American actress Nikki Reed. She came to visit her friend, who took courses for foreigners at this institution. Pavel was fascinated by his foreign colleague and began to seek her attention. Nikki reciprocated. There was a stormy romance between the actors, which was hindered by only one factor - distance. Reed resided permanently in the United States, and Priluchny - in Russia. Lovers constantly came to visit each other, but at some point they realized that it could not continue like this. Pavel was having a hard time parting, and Nikki, to remember the Russian actor forever, got tattoo of his last name on her wrist.

To date, both Priluchnyy and Reed are happily married. The ex-lovers have no offense at each other and they calmly talk about their romance. At least that's what Nikki says. “Our relations with the Russian actor Pavel Priluchnyy were not a PR move - it was a sincere passion, we had a stormy and, alas (or cheers?), Transient romance. I even invited him to fly to Vegas and get married. Now I understand: it’s even very good that this did not happen. But I want to emphasize that I was not such a bitch - just relationships at a distance are doomed. And so it happened: we were lost when I flew to the next shoot. Upon his return, Paul did not want to continue this painful and dramatic story. But I am very grateful to him, because if not for her, my present would not have happened to me, ”she said in a recent interview.

Nikki Reed and Pavel Priluchnyy

Husband of Nikki Reed is the star of the series "The Vampire Diaries" Ian Somerhalder. They got married in 2015, and two years later, the couple had a daughter, Bodhi Soleil. It was rumored that Ian insisted on the offspring, and Nikki was initially opposed. But the Hollywood star has denied such speculation.

“The very fact that Ian could force me or force me to do something is ridiculous. He respects the rights of women, and mine in particular. Our daughter is a continuation of our union, and her appearance is as natural and beautiful as everything that I told you about earlier. You see, I’m incredibly, just insanely lucky. I could not imagine that a rebel and an eccentric person like I had been for many years would be able to find such a bright, kind, tactful and smart person like Ian. I love him because he opens this world to me every day - I understand that I speak like a sentimental fool, but I can’t find other words to talk about it, ”Nikki shared in an interview with WomanHit.

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder with his daughter

As for Pavel Priluchnyy, he has been married to Agatha Muceniece for eight years. The acquaintance of the future spouses took place on the set of the series "Closed School", where the actors played a couple. Despite the fact that Agatha had a bridegroom then, Pavel in love was able to win the heart of the project partner. In 2013, the couple welcomed a son, Timothy, and three years later, Mia was born.

By the way, last year Pavel Priluchnyy shared that he would like to adopt a child in the future, but his wife is not completely delighted with this idea. In an exclusive video interview “Around TV” Mutseniece explained her position: “It seems to me that Pasha just does not yet know how difficult this process is. I don’t know this either, but it seems to me that we need to take this more seriously and first examine all this. Because, as I understand it, the hardest thing is to create the same conditions for the child so that he does not feel from the orphanage. This is not just a fun event in your life. Children do not behave by order. A child from an orphanage will also behave differently in different situations. ” An exclusive video interview “Around TV” with Agatha Muceniece

Both Pavel and Agatha have repeatedly said that “Italian passions” are boiling between them. So, in 2018, artists provoked rumors of a divorce. Then they unfollowed each other on Instagram and said that they put their marriage “on pause”. Fans of the couple suspected that the reason of the break could be Priluchny's betrayal, but Agatha ridiculed these rumors. A little later, the couple admitted that in reality the discord in their family happened when Paul called his wife a careerist. Fortunately, the couple were able to talk peacefully and build relationships just on the day of the seventh wedding anniversary.

Six months after the above events, information appeared about the assault in the Priluchnyy family. Journalists learned that Paul beat Agatha. This fact was confirmed by the police, but the stars themselves declined to comment. In an interview with Regina Todorenko Mutseniece said that her husband often scares her with parting during conflicts. “I thought that since he says that, I will teach him a lesson and we’ll really get divorced. Even if we later get married again, let him know that you cannot throw such words, ”said the actress then.

Agata Muceniece and Pavel Priluchny with children


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