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New photos of Lily James and Sebastian Stan appeared in the images of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee


At the end of July, online service Hulu completed the filming of the mini-series " Pam and Tommy ", which will tell about the short but flamboyant marriage of Playboy star Pamela Anderson and her first husband, rock musician Tommy Lee. While the show is in the post-production stage, the creators of the project continue to stir up the audience's interest in it.

The title roles, Pamela and Tommy, are played by Lily James and Sebastian Stan in the miniseries. And recently, new photos of actors in these images have appeared on the network. Having seen the footage, many Internet users were once again amazed at the similarity of the actors with the real prototypes of their heroes in their youth.


Lily James and Sebastian Stan as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee 

In particular, many are struck by the reincarnation of Lily James: in their opinion, after the make-up, her own characteristic features seem to be completely erased from her face.

Lily killed me here. I just don't see her here!

Stunned ... I was sure it was Pam ... Sebastian can be recognized, but Lily ... Total reincarnation.

Wait, Lily? Which Lily? I can't admit - netizens express their surprise.


Lily James as Pamela Anderson

Earlier, Barry Lee Mo (in the project he was responsible for the actors' hairstyles) told Variety that Lily's transformation into Pam took three to five hours every day. He also clarified that about 25 different wigs were used on the set of the series, which were worn by almost all the actors in the frame. But Sebastian Stan did not need a wig in the end: to play Tommy Lee, he specially grew his hair, which he dyed dark for several weeks.


Lily James and Sebastian Stan as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee 


Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee

Recall that the mini-series "Pam and Tommy" will tell not only about the passionate relationship between Anderson and Lee, who were married for two years and during this time became the parents of two sons, but also about a loud scandal with their participation. This is an intimate video of the spouses, which, without their knowledge, was leaked to the network in 1995. First, the star couple sued the distributor Internet Entertainment Group, but during the proceedings they managed to agree peacefully, after which the video remained in the public domain. 


Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

By the way, Anderson herself is not very happy with the imminent release of the series about her personal life. According to friends, Pam called the project itself a "joke" and "cheap fake", and also stated that she would definitely not watch it.


Lily james 


Sebastian Stan 




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