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New girlfriend of Johnny Depp Lucy Boynton is 30 years younger than him



For the sake of actress Lucy Boynton, who's young enough to be his daughter, "Jack Sparrow" moves from the US to the UK.

Actress Lucy Boynton is exactly 30 years younger than 53-year-old Johnny Depp. Photo: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS After a scandalous divorce from Amber Heard Johnny Deppdid not stay long alone: ​​the star of "Pirates of the Caribbean" started having a new affair. The actor is totally in love with the young actress, who's young enough to be his daughter. The sexy blonde Lucy Boynton is exactly 30 years younger than the 53-year-old actor.

Johnny had a spark with Lucy on the set of the movie "Murder on the Orient Express" - the latest work of Depp. Johnny and Lucy starred in the adaptation of Agatha Christie's work, and only the blind did not notice that Depp favored a little-known starlet. For the sake of a new girlfriend, Depp is even ready to move to the UK where Lucy lives.

A new level of their relationship successfully coincided with the working schedule of Johnny. As reports, Depp begins to shoot the continuation of the picture "Fantastic creatures and where they live", which will be held in England. Johnny plans to rent a house in the UK and is looking for a suitable property.

"He will spend most of his time in Europe, so he wants to have a comfortable" base "in the UK where he can settle down.

Lucy Boynton is 23 years old, she was born in New York in a family of journalists. Together with her parents, she moved to London and finished school there. Lucy has been acting in films and TV series since her childhood, although can not boast of high-profile roles. The girl starred in the "Mind and feelings", "Law and order", "Borgia".

Apparently, the new girlfriend helped Johnny forget not only the rough divorce from Amber Heard, but also his financial problems. After all, it became known recently: Depp's fabulous wealth is a myth. The actor is on the verge of bankruptcy and lives on loans that he can not pay off. Depp found out about the gaps in his own budget, when he was advised to sell real estate in France to pay off his debts. The advice infuriated Depp: the actor immediately sued his former financial managers from The Management Group (TMG), accusing them of mismanagement of his assets. Johnny assures: financial advisors made profit on his condition for years. Now the artist demands from TMG company $ 25 million compensation for "inefficient management". Financial advisers did not remain silent and told that his lifestyle costs Johnny two million dollars a month. And that he himself gave all his money away.

The scandal with financial managers coincided with the recent Forbes rating. Johnny Depp leads the second year in a row in the list of the most overrated movie artists. The actor topped the top ten Hollywood stars, which are too expensive for producers and do not justify the financial expectations from the cinemas with their participation. His latest projects brought only $ 2.80 profit for every dollar that was paid to the actor as a fee. The scandalous split from his young wife Amber Heard and the accusation of domestic violence have undermined Depp's reputation. His film "Alice Through the Looking Glass" with a budget of $ 190 million came out in May, when Amber filed for divorce, and failed at the box office, failing to repeat the success of the first movie "Alice in Wonderland". Two more films with Johnny - "Mortdecai" and "Transcendence" also proved to be a failure.

Add to this the accusations of alcoholism (by the way, Depp spends 30 thousand dollars a month only on wine) and domestic abuse, which Amber Heard told about - and the groom turns out to be unenviable. However, it does not stopLucy Boynton. Indeed, thanks to the affair with Depp, the name of the beginning actress, who was unknown to everyone yesterday, has already fallen into all the tabloids of the planet.



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