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Mother of Ovechkin's wife Nastya Shubskaya dissuaded her from becoming an actress

Mother of Anastasia Shubskaya admitted that her youngest daughter decided to suspend acting career.

Many people believe that with her looks Anastasya Shubskaya could be an actress and appear on the screen.

Anastasia has already played several small roles in various films, but no longer wants to devote all her life to acting career - this decision was influenced by her mother and dad businessman Cyril Shubsky.

"I have experienced first-hand that the actor's profession is dependent. If you are offered the role, then, as a rule, in the TV series. Anastasia graduated from VGIK, but her specialty is a "producer". It allows sufficient freedom of action. She will have time to become an actress if she wants to". Thanks to her resourceful parents, Anastasia realized that the actor is very unstable profession. "There's so much more to life than just being an actor, I mean that there are a lot of TV series, where you can somehow exist in the frame, even without playing, and still be on the screen, - says Glagoleva. - This is a popularity, but without acting merit.

Parents of Anastasia, Vera Glagoleva and Cyril Shubsky, explained to their daughter that the acting profession is dangerous and difficult A major acting work in cinema is getting smaller. We did not want her to be dependent on the meetings of the roles, the ability to appear at the right time in the right place. Producer is his own boss".

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