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Mom, I love vampire! Ashley Greene's revelations about the filming of "Twilight"


Many years have passed since the release of the final series of "Twilight", but the name Cullen is still associated with the vampire family. No wonder, because so many hearts were conquered by these white-skinned handsome men and beauties with a chilling look! As it turned out, while you and I were waiting for the next part of the vampire saga, real passions were in full swing on the set.


Ashley Green

35-year-old Ashley Greene opened up in an interview that she was in love during the filming of an exciting movie. Twilight was, in fact, my first real work. And I wasn't experienced enough yet to separate the on-set chemistry you have to create from real life. It was the first time I experienced it, so of course I definitely fell in love , ”she admitted.


Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone

Alas, the actress did not disclose the name of the actor who won her heart. In the film, her partner was Jackson Rathbone, who played Jasper. Green also said that as the saga progressed, filming became more difficult. "Hanging out in hotels", playing musical instruments and spending time together brought the actors very close.

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