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Milos Bikovich: 10 facts about him that no one knows


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Milos Bikovich. He shares unknown facts about himself, among which there are very unexpected.

1. Sport takes an important part in my life. When I was 4 years old, my brother took me for the first time to train karate, then I went in for basketball and loved this sport very much, but because of the bombing of Belgrade the training stopped ... Then there were swimming, taekwondo, football, boxing. Also I really like "small" football, when they play 5 to 5. Almost all these kinds of sports came in handy for my roles, and some, on the contrary, I began to study just because I had to get used to the role of the athlete.

2. At one time I wanted to learn how to play the guitar. I tried, but there was little progress. I practiced amateurishly - I was repeating the same thing and hoping that playing the guitar would help me get acquainted with the girls. The result was not what I expected, the guitar was often the occasion for conversation, but it did not help me glue any girl. I did not learn how to sing and play guitar.

3. I want to do directing. Gradually, I prepare for this. I hope this will happen in the next 3-4 years. 

4. I am inspired by people who have talent and a clear understanding of what to do with this talent, how to develop it. I respect them and try to surround myself with people who feel that there is something bigger than themselves, that they are part of something big.

5. Until recently, I did not know how to dress properly. I was too lazy to measure clothes - I just took what I like, about my size. And often went out in things that do not suit me. I did not know how to combine them, I just took those clothes that I liked, how they look on the hanger ... not on me. Thank God that there is such a profession - a stylist! 

6. I really love Led Zeppelin and Solomun - I can listen to them forever and in any situation. 

7. If there is a strong emotional event in my life ... it can be both joy and disappointment, I start singing a song and do not understand why it comes to my mind, and then I notice that the words of this song tell me, what to do in this situation, how to proceed. As if my subconscious turns to me.

8. Often, when I read the script, I do not understand how good this project is. I read it and agree because there is a very good director, actors, team and so on. Then I go deeper, and I begin to understand how brilliant the script is, for example, in the movie "Kholop", in which I'm currently shooting.

9. I like watching women. Especially beautiful for me are those who are in harmony with their nature. They recognize themselves, are in their rhythm. They are very interesting to watch, I can do it for hours, and I'm not interested in taking any concrete actions, I just like to look at thrm, watch them. Women's nature is something the best and most beautiful in the world.

10. It's hard for me to talk about myself, to disclose some facts. I believe that my actions should speak for me. 

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