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Miloš Biković showed off a passionate kiss with model


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31-year-old actor Milos Bikovic and his girlfriend, 22-year-old Serbian model Barbara Tatalovic decided to show their love "to the world." The couple posted on their pages in social networks romantic pictures.

Performer fo the roles in the films "Ice", "Hotel Eleon" and "Duke-2" published on Instagram picture, in which he is seen in a suit kissing Barbara in a black dress with a bare shoulder. The actor put his arm around the model's waist, and she threw back her head and merged with him in a kiss. «Not celebrate. And just like that", - assured Bikovic.

His beloved shared on Instagram a picture that was taken in the summer. The brunette kisses Milos, and he powerfully holds her chin.

Russian film fans sadly noted that Milos and Aglaya Tarasova were considered one of the most beautiful couples of Russian show business. The actors met on the set of the film "Ice". For Milos Aglaya broke up with actor Ilya Glinnikov.

However, the happiness of the international couple lasted only a year and a half. In April last year, 23-year-old Aglaya and Milos officially announced the separation. According to Tarasova, it happened "because of mad schedules and constant travels". After that the Russian left to study in the USA. There she began to study and fell in love.

Milos Bikovic and Barbara Tatalovic

Milos wasn't alone long either. In lastSeptember he came to the Venice film festival in the company of a spectacular compatriot. Barbara Tatalovic is the winner of the Elite Model Look Serbia 2011. Recently, the couple were on holidays in Switzerland. Bikovic and Tatalovic showed off their feelings for the first time. 



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