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Meghan Markle could be the next James Bond girl

Actress Meghan Markle hit the short-list of candidates for the next girlfriends of special agent James Bond. 

After engagement with Prince Harry Meghan Markle had to leave her acting career, although she predicted the unprecedented fame. The fact is that the actress hit the short-list of candidates for the role of James Bond girl in the next movie. However, due to recent events, Markle is no longer considered for this project.

Meghan is perfect for the role of Bond girl. She is glamorous and has excellent acting skills. This role is for rising stars, and Meghan, of course, was considered for this role before her relationship with Harry made public. 

Recall, 33-year-old Prince Harry and 36-year-old actress Meghan Markle announced their engagement on 27 November. The heir to the British throne, made a proposal to his beloved at Nottingham cottage of Kensington Palace in London. 

The actress hit the short-list of contenders for the role of honor in the 25th part of James Bond, which is due out in theaters in 2019. But she preferred a happy marriage rather than acting laurels and chose Prince instead of Bond, which is also a good option. By the way, the actress had every chance to become next James Bond girl before the affair with Harry, but rapidly developing relations interrupted her acting career. For the sake of her lover she stopped participating in the "Suits" series and moved to London.

Recall that the wedding of Meghan and Harry will take place in May next year.

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