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Maria Sharapova on business ambitions, wellness routines and new sports goals


Last year, the ex-first racket of the world took a new bar and began cooperation with Therabody company. The plans are to develop the brand on world markets, including the Russian one. Last year, Maria Sharapova made a strong-willed decision to leave professional sports and focus on her other interests. Among them, in addition to workouts (which, of course, have not gone anywhere), their own business and a beautiful Instagram, - cooperation with the wellness company Therabody, a wellness technology company known for its Theragun percussion massager. Last year Maria invested in the brand and became not only a good friend to him, but also a full-fledged partner. The five-time Grand Slam winner has joined the company's advisory board and intends to take an active part in strategy and product development. We asked the tennis player about her business plans, new life goals and, of course, personal secrets of maintaining enviable vigor, tone and endurance.


- Maria, what is your typical day today?

- Very diverse, and that's to put it mildly (smiles. - P Rome. Tatler ). Until the end of my sports career, my whole day was tied to training and preparation for tournaments. The schedule is now more flexible. I really appreciate the extra time I have. I can focus on business and new partnerships and spend significantly more time with family and friends.

- What do you do to keep fit? What new sporting goals are you setting? “My regime has certainly changed over the past few months. This is due to the retirement from sports and the pandemic. Now I try different types of workouts and listen to what my body needs. I usually box several days a week and yoga once or twice for stretching and recovery. I also try to be outside as long as possible

- I walk and train on the beach whenever possible. Of course, there are days when there is absolutely no time for full-fledged sports. Then I try to find at least a few moments for the minimum load. Even a five-minute cardio with a skipping rope is enough. It's definitely better than nothing.


- What attracted you to Therabody and why did you decide to invest your funds in the brand?

- It's close to me that the company focuses on the latest technologies. I have always been on the lookout for products that could improve my game, and have followed closely the latest in health and wellness. And it was Therabody that had an offer unlike any other on the market. It was also important for me to immerse myself in the strategic and creative aspects of the business. Already at the first meeting with the team, it became clear that we share this idea of ​​a motivating partnership.

- Do you personally use Therabody devices?

- I use the Theragun percussion massager before and after every workout - to be alert and ready to exercise the very next day. The Therabody app helps to identify muscle groups that need relaxation, shows exactly where on the body and for how long I should use the device. I spend 10-15 minutes on it every evening. Theragun gadgets really improve my athletic performance and, crucially, I can use them anytime, anywhere.


- You mentioned that you want to be not just an investor, but also a consultant to the company, actively participate in the development of new products. Do you see a competitive moment in this for yourself? “The ongoing dialogue with Therabody team really makes our collaboration special. I am very proud of that. Now I am engaged in the development of the company in the European and Asian markets, advising on partnerships, growth strategies, and the concept of new proposals. Of course, this is an opportunity to learn and develop, although I already have experience in launching new products. In collaboration with Therabody, I am pleased to gain a deeper understanding of the inner cuisine of all processes associated with health technologies, and, of course, to be directly related to their development.

- You started playing tennis at the age of 4 - we believe this sport has literally raised you. What have you learned during your sports career that helps you in business?

- Willingness to work hard, consistency and attention to detail. This determines my approach to both sports and business. I also realized early on how important it is to have a great team by my side - including experts from whom I can learn.


- Do you miss tournaments? What positive aspects do you think are the main ones in the new way of life?

- Balance is very important in life, and I have always tried to maintain it. For example, when I traveled around the world to competitions, I spent the remaining free minutes on what fascinated me: art, architecture, design, delicious food. Tennis will remain an important stage in my life, but I did not forget about other interests, expanded my knowledge in order to subsequently realize myself in business.

- We cannot but ask about the pandemic. How do you handle restrictions? What results can you sum up?

- Last year was definitely difficult, but I appreciated how much more time could be devoted to loved ones. I spent most of the lockdown in California. Fortunately, I managed to get out on a couple of trips along the coast

- I enjoyed the view of the rocks and beaches, reflected on the past and the possibilities of the future. Honestly, my car has never been on the move for so long!.




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