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Lily Collins was shocked by the compliment on her thinness: "That's why anorexia exists"


Lily Collins has repeatedly talked about the fact that the topic of anorexia is familiar to her not only for her role in the TV series “To the Bone” (To the Bone). At one time, the actress struggled with an eating disorder and now wants to help other girls not bring their bodies to a critical state. In a recent interview, Collins said that the obsession with being thin is one of the reasons for the terrible disease.

Once a woman of the same age as my mother came up to me and said: “Wow, look at you!”. Here I tried to explain that I lost weight for the role, but she interrupted and continued: "No! I want to know how you do it, you look great." I got in the car with my mom and said, "That's why this problem exists" Lily shared her memories. Lily Collins. Frame from the series Lily Collins. Shot from the series "To the Bone"

The actress admitted that the role in the series touched her to the core, because Collins herself had previously been in the same situation as her heroine, the artist Ellen, whose emotional devastation turns into anorexia.

There is a scene in the series where I take off my clothes for weighing. My movie stepmom takes a photo and shows it to me. I saw myself in the picture and my soul went to my heels, — said his reaction to the star. Keanu Reeves and Lily Collins. Frame from the series Keanu Reeves and Lily Collins. Shot from the series "To the Bone" Collins' mom wasn't too happy about Lily's thinness either.

At first she was a little shocked, then she cried. My condition greatly upset her. The celebrity also admitted that she did not shoot for fashion magazines due to weight problems: I said, if I can gain four and a half kilograms at the snap of my fingers, then I will take off. The American medical drama will premiere on July 14. And when the series will be able to watch in Russia is unknown. Lily Collins Lily Collins Lily Collins Sources: Usmagazine , 

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