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Lily Collins opens up about anorexia


The premiere of the new film of the studio Netflix "To the Bone", in which Lily Collins plays bony anorexic, and Keanu Reeves - her treating doctor took place in mid-July. Art requires sacrifice: Lily Collins suffered from an eating disorder for more than five years, she pulled through, but she again had to lose weight for the role in this film.

Lily Collins spoke about the fight against anorexia

The actress gave an interview to Shape magazine, in which she told about her illness and about gastronomic and sports preferences.

Collins limited herself to eating, artificially induced vomiting, abused diet pills and laxatives, and of course kept it a secret from friends and family.

"My point of view of what other people think of me was based on the assumption that this disorder will be kept secret. But the more I talked about this, the easier I managed to be myself. " Collins even released on this topic the book "Unfiltered" with the motto "No shame. No regrets. Only me. "

Lily Collins spoke about the fight against anorexia

"In October 2015, when I signed a contract for the publication of the book, I did not appear anywhere. But then I had a lot of work and I was repeatedly told that I should put the book out for a pause. But I knew that it was worth continuing to write it. And how luckily the shooting of the film "To the bone" began. And although a few years before this film, I myself underwent treatment for the same disorder, preparation for filming allowed me to collect facts about eating disorders from professionals. For me it was a new stage of recovery. Of course, I was afraid that shooting in this movie would drag me back to my old self, but I had to remind myself that I was hired to tell a story, and not to reach a certain mark on the scales. "

Lily Collins spoke about the fight against anorexia

"I'm Pisces by the sign of the Zodiac, so I really like to swim and do it wherever I can. In high school I ran for school, and I hated it. But now I like to run just for myself and listen to music. But most of all I love the lessons of Simone De La Rue (personal trainer working with Hollywood stars - ed.). Her method includes stretching and toning. Honestly, I'm trying to be physically active one way or another every day: it's time for me to disappear and stay in my own world. "


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