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Kirill Kaprizov and Stesha Malikova: a love story between a hockey player and a model



A new hobby of a talented forward

For the first time, Kiril Kaprizov and Stefania Malikova were rumoured to have had an affair in in July. Stesha Malikova, the daughter of the famous singer Dmitry Malikov, posted a photo on Instagram made on the background of the Altai landscapes. At the same time, Kirill Kaprizov was resting in the same area after a busy season. According to the geolocation in the photo and the background, users noted that the hockey player is photographed approximately in the same place as Stefania Malikova.


Kirill Kaprizov during his vacation in Altai. Photo: Instagram 

Neither Kaprizov nor Malikova advertise their relationship in any way. In an interview, Kirill Kaprizov admitted that he rarely "likes" photos of girls and for him this is a special gesture of attention.


Stefania Malikova. Photo: Instagram

Later, the couple was spotted in Moscow, next to Coffeemania on Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street. In addition, Stefania Malikova posted photos from The Ritz-Carlton restaurant overlooking Red Square in her stories.

At the end of July, Kaprizov visited the Cherkas Atlant podcast on YouTube. The hockey player was somewhat embarrassed when answering a question about his personal life.

“Personal life should remain private. But Russian girls are better than American girls. More precisely, one Russian girl, ”- said Kaprizov.

And Stesha Malikova, answering questions from followers, formulated her attitude towards marriage:

“I think it’s a strange desire to want to get married. It is normal to want to find your man, to go through some obstacles with him, to start making joint plans for life. Only then get married. For a specific person, and not just marry the first person you meet. In itself, the idea of ​​​​a fix - to get married - is very ridiculous.

Kirill Kaprizov became widely known to the public after the Golden Goal against the German national team.The final match of the 2018 Olympics was not easy: Russian hockey players equalized the score only in the last minute of the third period. Nikita Gusev scored with the transfer of Kaprizov. And in overtime, Kaprizov himself converted the majority with a click on the touch.

A year later, a hockey player from the village of Kuzedeevo, Kemerovo Region, won the Gagarin Cup as part of CSKA. For five years in a row, Kirill Kaprizov took part in the KHL All-Star Games, and in 2020 he became the best sniper in the league.

Last season, he made a lot of noise in North America: he won the Calder Trophy - the prize for the best newcomer in the NHL.

Kaprizov spent a little more than 18 minutes per game on the ice, sent 27 goals to the opponents' goal and assisted his partners 24 times. Most recently, Kaprizov signed a big contract with the Minnesota Wild for $45 million.


He spoke little about his personal life, paying more attention to the game. After the Olympics, some media tried to create history of the relationship between Kirill Kaprizov and figure skater Alina Zagitova. Later - with model Nicole Sakhtaridi, the star of the show "The Bachelor". The affair did not last long: they flew together to the USA, but soon parted.


Malikov family. Photo: Instagram

21-year-old Stesha Malikova graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of MGIMO this year. He knows several languages, has good vocal abilities and tries himself in different roles: she is a dress designer and succeeds in the modeling business. According to Dmitry Malikov, Stefania earns herself, blogging is the main source of income. The singer emphasizes that he does not provide the future model financially.


With younger brother. Photo: Instagram

For two years, Stesha Malikova was in a relationship with the son of the ex-governor of the Tula region, billionaire Vladimir Gruzdev. In 2018, Forbes estimated his net worth at $750 million.




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