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Keanu Reeves admits he was once a Playboy Bunny


Why are we only finding out about this now? Can you imagine Keanu Reeves in ears, sexy lingerie and fishnet tights? Not? Here we can't. But this is quite a real story! During a recent conversation with Jada Pinkett Smith, the actor revealed that many, many years ago, he tried on the image of the Playboy Bunny, in which singer Dolly Parton shone on the cover of the main men's magazine in 1978. How did it happen?

“My mother worked as a costume designer and made several outfits for Dolly, including for the Playboy cover ,” Reeves admitted in response to a question about the most original Halloween look.

“For some reason, Dolly did not take the costume home, and we left it with us. So I put on the ears, then a bustier, fishnet stockings, sneakers and a bow tie. At that time, I just had long hair , ”the actor shared, causing a strong reaction among his star colleagues in the film The Matrix. Here are the revelations!

We hope that at least one photo from Halloween 1978 has been preserved in his family archives. We would give anything to see Keanu in such a revealing look! But for now, alas, we can only fantasize. Fortunately, there is a reference: the original cover with the legendary country singer looked like this. Just imagine Reeves in her place. And voila: your world will never be the same again!


Photo: Instagram The Matrix Resurrections , Instagram Dolly Parton

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