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Janis Timma and Anna Sedokova's wedding: why it was a secret?



Recently, the singer Anna Sedokova mentioned that at the beginning of September she and Janis Timma legalized their relationship in the presence of the closest people. Soon, the celebrity shared the wedding pictures on the social network, but the details of the ceremony remained unknown until recently.

The wedding, according to Anna, was a "super secret" - the newlyweds asked in advance those present at the ceremony not to take photos and publications on social networks. “We weren't hiding, we just didn't use it for ourselves. We did not do it for the sake of PR, but did it for the sake of our family, ”Sedakova says.

Anna and Janis did not plan a luxurious ceremony and decided to simply sign: “Now is not the time,” says Sedokova. Nevertheless, the newlyweds registered their marriage in one of the most famous and beautiful registry offices of the capital. Anna got married in a designer dress, which she fell in love with after the very first fitting and which, according to her, was exactly what she dreamed of. True, the price of the dress turned out to be so high that upon hearing the amount, Anna burst into tears - the groom insisted on the purchase, who assured the singer that she should not give up her “dream dress”.

By the way, Anna and Janis still plan to celebrate the wedding magnificently and on a grand scale, but later. 

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