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Is his heart free? Dimash Kudaibergen opens up about his personal life

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The world-famous singer and composer Dimash Kudaibergen these days went to Yerevan, where he performs a solo concert. Being in the capital of Armenia, the owner of the informal title "the best voice of the planet" gave an interview on radio Sputnik Armenia. He spoke about his creative plans, attitude to cinema, music, Armenian culture, and also revealed personal secrets that interested many Dimash's fans around the world, reports.

The radio host asked the star interlocutor if his heart was free, to which Dimash answered "Yes."

The artist also discussed live whether it is possible to sing about love without experiencing this feeling, and also to sing about pain and sadness, being in a good mood.

"It seems to me that everything depends on the professionalism of the artist. If, for example, I sing an Armenian song, it will still be more technically accomplished, and, of course, I will put my soul into it, but as a real Armenian, I still can’t It's the same here, I think, anyway. ", - Dimash admitted.

The singer was also asked what he thinks about interesting search queries on the Internet "Dimash's wife", "Dimash's children", "Dimash's plastic surgery".

“In general, I very rarely surf the Internet. I use it to find out what is happening in our country. My team and I maintain pages on social networks. Yes, about what they write that I allegedly have several wives or something something. I am a free man, single, I am 29 years old," Dimash admitted.

The idol of millions said that he is a supporter of keeping his personal life private and would not like to show his wife on social networks in the future.

“If she will initially be a public person, then this is another question, but I don’t want to just show my wife, because I wanted to show her. I don’t want my wife to be discussed, I don’t want to show my children in the future either. There is my work, there is me, there are my concerts - no more. Anyway, something should remain personal, "says Dimash Kudaibergen.

The singer was also asked about his fans and fan clubs, which in total number about two billion people.

“On the Internet they also write that I am the best voice on the planet,” Dimash smiled.

Don't you agree? the radio host asked.

"No, I disagree, of course. I look at such things too objectively. About the two billion audience, they probably say that for three years in a row I was awarded the award as the singer of the year in China. Of course, I realize that the work of any artist meaningless without spectators․ But I try to work in my own direction, in the neoclassical genre, not really focusing on how it will be perceived by the masses. My music is a bit specific. Iosif Kobzon was once asked: "You are a great artist, millions love you. Is it hard to be a star?" He replied: "Very, hard, almost impossible." He was asked how he copes with this. "Easy, I don't consider myself a star," Kobzon answered. Not that I put myself in the same row with him, it’s just our profession,” Dimash said.

The full text of the interview with Radio Sputnik Armenia can be read here.

The singer informed his subscribers that he is currently in Yerevan by posting a photo on Instagram against the background of his full-length portrait. “He immediately appeared on the screen and didn’t even say hello to me…,” Dimash Kudaibergen signed the photo.


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