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Insiders confirmed the romance of Matilda Shnurova and former participant in the show "The Bachelor" Anton Krivorotov


Insiders confirmed the romance of Matilda Shnurova and former participant of the "The Bachelor" Anton Krivorotov.

A few days ago, Sergei Shnurov's ex-wife Matilda sparked dating rumors with ex-participant of the Bachelor show and dentist Anton Krivorotov. Suspicions that a couple may have a romantic relationship appeared among Shnurova's followers when she posted a joint picture from the rest. Today, this information was confirmed to the Super edition by sources from the environment of celebrities.

According to them, Matilda and Anton have been dating for several months, and they met in December last year at the Art Basel Miami contemporary art exhibition.  Feelings seem to have seized them immediately - they already celebrated the New Year together in Los Angeles, where Krivorotov lives. Now Shnurova again flew to her beloved in the USA. Familiar couples claim that they had a lot in common - as it turned out, they had a similar range of interests, they often attended the same events and social gatherings.


Anton Krivorotov Anton Krivorotov

On the Bachelor project, in which Anton participated in 2020, he had an affair with model Barbara Pino - in the final, he gave her a ring. But their relationship outside the project was short-lived. Krivorotov is also known as a stellar dentist.


Anton Krivorotov and Barbara Pino

Matilda was married to the leader of the Leningrad band, Sergei Shnurov. In 2018, they divorced , after which Shnurov married again - to the daughter of businessman Valery Abramov, Olga. 


Instagram photo of Matilda Shnurova 

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