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Inna Churikova tried on the crown of Elizabeth II in "The Audience"

The "Audience" based on the play of British playwright Peter Morgan, a great connoisseur of the traditions of the English royal house and the scriptwriter of the film "The Queen" and the series ". The Crown" The Russian production is directed by Gleb Panfilov.

Many viewers saw the movie "The Queen" with Helen Mirren in the role of Elizabeth II. The People's Artist of the USSR Inna Churikova stars in the Russian production of the The Audience".

The plot is based on the behind-the-scenes of the English court, the conversations of the queen and the British prime ministers, who succeeded each other for the last six and a half decades, starting with Sir Winston Churchill.

... Every Tuesday, at six o'clock in the evening, the Queen of Great Britain gives an audience to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Nothing obliges to participate in this ritual, except for the rules of good taste. The Prime Minister should inform the monarch about the events in the country and in the world.

The play "Audience" describes the psychological nuances of Elizabeth II's meetings with premiers, talks about the "cold war", the atomic bomb, successes and failures in relations with Russia.

Peter Morgan agreed to stage the play on the Russian stage after he visited Moscow and saw Inna Churikova on stage, an actress who simply looks happy already. "She is called outstanding in Russia, and she, in fact, is fascinating, the one that you can't take your eyes off. Inna is my English queen! "Morgan exclaimed and immediately sat down with Gleb Panfilov for adapting the Russian version of the play. The playwright has completed several chapters concerning the crisis in Ukraine and other topical political events.

"We have a Russian context," said Gleb Panfilov, "Although, despite the political background, my main interest is to study the nature of power."

Inna Churikova, the performer of the role of Elizabeth II, in the play "The Audience"

Galina Tyunina (Margaret Thatcher), Mikhail Gorevoy (Winston Churchill), Anatoly Lobotsky (John Major), Andrei Kharitonov (Anthony Eden, Harold Macmillan), Oleg Maslennikov-Voitov (David Cameron) and other fine actors.

It is curious that the performance of "The Audience" was going to be staged in the theater "Lenkom", where Inna Mihailovna serves. But, as they say, the Moscow theater did not have money for such an expensive production. And then she moved to the Theater of Nations, where she was supported by Alisher Usmanov, the charitable foundation "Art, Science and Sport" and Elephant Production, produced by Ivan Panfilov, the son of Gleb Panfilov and Inna Churikova.

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