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"I'm not going to marry a Russian man": Victoria Bonya got engaged to a foreigner


42-year-old model got engaged to a foreigner

Victoria Bonya is getting married.Victoria Bonya stopped hiding her fiancé: the 42-year-old model posted a picture on Instagram in an embrace with her lover. The photo was taken in the lobby of one of the hotels in Monte Carlo, the capital of Monaco, where Bonya now lives. In the photo, Vika stands at the mirror in the arms of a dark-haired man and takes a selfie. At the same time, the happy face of the newly-made bride and the back of a stranger are reflected in the glass.

- Finally, I found a person who shares common interests with me. There are many men, but those who look in the same direction with you are much less! – Bonya signed the photo, putting a smiley face in the form of a heart. Bonya showed her chosen one on Instagram. Photo: Instagram.

Although Victoria did not specify that the man in the photo is her fiancé, the followers of the ex-star of Dom-2 have not the slightest doubt about this. In the comments, friends and acquaintances congratulate Bonya and her chosen one. “I am very happy for you, I congratulate you!”, Let him carry you in his arms, you deserve it”, “He is so lucky”, “I am glad that one of us has become happier,” the followers write.


Recall that in January, the TV presenter announced her engagement. On Instagram, Victoria boasted of a large diamond ring that her betrothed gave her. Bonya does not reveal the name of her fiancé and only says that he is not from Russia.

- I'm not going to marry a Russian man. Women of Russia, relax! Bonya joked in an interview with Laura Dzhugeliya on the Fametime TV YouTube show.

Victoria said that she had known her chosen one for a long time. At first they met, then they were friends for many years, but Bonya never perceived him as a potential husband. And now there is a spark between them.


- I have known him for many years. There is a person who wants a family, wants children and I want it, - the TV presenter admitted. - We once met, and life just parted us a little. And then I looked, met some other tennis players, incomprehensible football players, and then I realized that every few months he always called me and wrote: how are you? you didn't get married? We didn’t quarrel, we didn’t part, life just separated us into a distance. 

Another reason why Victoria is not going to move to Russia is her daughter Angelina. The father of Bonya's 9-year-old daughter, Alex Smerfit, lives in Monaco, and Bonya does not want to take the girl away from him. Therefore, marriage with a foreigner in this situation is the best solution. “I have a daughter, I can’t bring her to Russia, I can’t take her away from the environment in which she grows up,” Bonya said.

Victoria lived with her daughter's father, Alex Smurfit, for seven years. But the model and the heir of the Irish billionaire never officially formalized their relationship, so the current marriage will be her first. Bonya and Smurfit broke up in 2017, remaining on good terms. 

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