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“I have a victim syndrome and a sense of guilt”: Anastasia Reshetova admitted that she constantly makes excuses to her son


The 27-year-old model unveiled touching footage with her only son. Anastasia Reshetova admitted that the baby manipulates her, and she constantly makes excuses like a child.

The owner of the title "First Vice Miss Russia 2014" is raising her son Ratmir with rapper Timati (Timur Yunusov). In October, the boy will be four years old. The young mother showed touching footage with the baby and told how he manipulates her. The titled beauty appeared in a short white dress and a denim jacket. She and her son played and fooled around sitting on the carpet. The model admitted that due to problems in her childhood, she sometimes changes roles with her son. 


Social networks of Anastasia Reshetova

“Mom, you said you were going to wash, but I didn’t hear the sound of water from the room. Where were you?” And this happens regularly. And the mother, who really washed herself, begins to justify herself to her son. Why and why? The answers can be found in my childhood - this is the syndrome of the victim and the constant feeling of guilt. It is easy to manipulate such people, undermine their confidence in themselves and their actions, lower their self-esteem, ”said Reshetova.

The social media star assured that she is aware of all this and is gradually becoming less vulnerable.


Anastasia recently reunited with her son after a long separation. Ratmir was vacationing at the resort with his father and his new lover, sister Alice and grandmother Simone. The former host of the show “You are a top model” admitted that she used to be very upset by parting with her child, but this time her heart was calm.

Now the young mother is making up for lost time. She showed how she trains Ratmir to read words. The boy did the job without difficulty. “I think they are already ready for school,” joked the former darling of the musician.

Another ex-girlfriend of rapper Timati, Alena Shishkova, recently admitted that she had been struggling with anorexia for eight years. The model was treated at the clinic, and then underwent plastic surgery.

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