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“I appreciated myself before I had drunk yet”: Renata Litvinova opens up about her appearance


The 56-year-old actress staged a daring photo shoot. Renata Litvinova appeared in a piquant way.

Renata Litvinova starred in her underwear. Nikita Mikhalkov's partner in the melodrama It Doesn't Hurt Me left Russia a year and a half ago. Renata settled in France. The Russian woman has her own apartment in Paris. The artist toured Europe with her performance "Cactus", and then went on vacation.

The star of the film "Rita's Last Tale" is enjoying the last days of the calendar summer. The artist relaxes at the seaside resort. Today Renata put on a black set of underwear and threw a white shirt over her shoulders. Litvinova took the picture, looking straight into the mirror. 

“My ‘rare genre’ selfie — go to the mirror and appreciate your reflection before you’ve had a drink — who are you and how do you like the one that peers into you?” - Renata coyly commented.

Fans immediately began to compliment the star. “You are just dazzling!”, “What a wonderful you are”, “Do you only eat champagne? Renata, you look amazing. What is your secret?”, “Renata Muratovna, you are wonderful, there are no words, what grace even in your eyes,” bloggers wrote . 

Recently, the only daughter of Renata Litvinova turned 22 years old . On this occasion, the artist released a tender photo with the birthday girl.


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