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How the 53-year-old bride of Jeff Bezos looked in her youth? You will be surprised at the changes


Billionaire and founder of Amazon, 59-year-old Jeff Bezos, who is one of the three richest people on the planet, proposed to his beloved Lauren Sanchez. Let's get to know this spectacular woman better. How the 53-year-old bride of Jeff Bezos looked in her youth - you will be surprised at the changes.

Knows everything


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Lauren Sanchez was born in the USA, but could well compete in multitasking with Russian women. No, there are no burning huts or horses in her biography, but Lauren knows how to pilot a helicopter and even founded her own company that provides aerial filming services. At the same time, Lauren began her career as a TV journalist, and then starred in shows and movies.

Husband brought a lover


Social network She met Bezos, by the way, through her then-husband Patrick Whitesell, executive chairman of Endeavor Group Holdings, which is the parent company of the Hollywood talent agency WME. It happened in 2016. When exactly the couple's romance began is not known for certain, but it became public in 2019. Then Bezos suddenly divorced his wife, and immediately introduced his new chosen one to the world.

Saved Bezos from fears


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After they met, Lauren and Jeff communicated regularly, and in 2018 he even commissioned Sanchez to film videos for his space company Blue Origin. According to The Wall Street Journal, that's when the couple's relationship "bloomed" and Sanchez helped Bezos overcome his fear of flying after his helicopter crashed in 2003.

Archive photos


Lawrence Sanchez with son Niko in 2003/Getty images

Lauren has been a public figure for over 20 years, so you can find her early photos online. Many believe that now Sanchez looks completely different than in his youth, and they see only one reason for such metamorphoses - plastic surgery. However, Lauren herself did not comment on these rumors and did not confirm that she went under the knife. 

Top facts about Lauren Sanchez


Lauren Sanchez with ex-fiancé Henry Simmons in 2002 /Getty images

  • She has Mexican roots
  • She has three children: son Niko (born 2001) with American football player Tony Gonzalez, and son Evan (born 2006) and daughter Ella (born 2008) with ex-husband Patrick Whitesell.
  • She was engaged to actor Henry Simmons in 2002, but the couple broke up in 2003.
  • In 2010, she was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People magazine.
  • Lauren's brother Michael Sanchez filed a libel suit against Bezos in February 2020, alleging that he was falsely accused of providing nude photos of Bezos to the press. The judge dismissed Sanchez's claim, citing lack of evidence, and later ordered Sanchez to cover Bezos' $218,000 legal fees.
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