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How much does an affair with a celeb cost: celebrities sell love for 1 million euros



We figure out how the PR affairs are arranged

The most recent example of a stellar romance that ended in a drama is blogger Dava and Olga Buzova. Photo: Personal archive

Olga Buzova's heartbreaking "love story" lasted almost a year and a half: an acquaintance on the set of a video, a whirlwind romance, a marriage proposal, a wedding ceremony in the Maldives and, finally, a sudden parting with blogger David Manukyan. The people followed the twists and turns of this plot, as housewives followed their favorite TV series. But few believed in the sincerity of the couple's feelings, and their separation was perceived unequivocally: "The contract ended." Is it true that contract love is the norm in show business, and how much does it cost to show off?

Dream, not career

Before meeting Buzova, few people knew about the blogger Dava: another millionaire on Instagram, writes some kind of parodies for schoolchildren. However, over several months of public relations with Olya, her fiancé has multiplied the audience on social networks, recorded a duet with Philip Kirkorov, released a track with the group "Hands Up" and broke through on TV in the show "Dancing with the Stars" - a dream, not a career! But you have to pay for everything.

“I have information from people who work with them in the same team that this is a contract,” Alena Savkina, a well-known ex-participant of “House-2” with her, declassified the relationship of Buzova (viewers know her under the pseudonym Rapunzel). - Believe me, after the divorce, Olya would not dump personal secrets all over the country. Perhaps at some point they really got carried away with each other, but only after signing an agreement for a round sum.

Exactly on the day of parting, Buzova released a new "prophetic" song about broken rose-colored glasses and girl's suffering. And Manukyan, after the sad ending, was completely injured in a television project and now squeezes a tear from the viewer with "one-armed" dances (the second hand is immobilized with a fixing bandage). The ex-groom, by the way, also writes down a hit, and here everything is according to the classics: "you zeroed us out", "come back", "show happiness".


Exactly on the day of parting with Dava, Buzova released a new "prophetic" song about broken rose-colored glasses and girl's suffering. Photo: Personal archive

- Why do people talk about some kind of contract? It's simple: we stopped believing in love, - the singing presenter reasoned in an interview with "KP" shortly before parting. “On the other hand, everyone has every right to think so. How many PR stories were in show business ...

There will be no wedding

And indeed: Lera Kudryavtseva and Sergey Lazarev, Nikolai Baskov and Anastasia Volochkova, Nyusha and Yegor Creed, Ivan Krasko with his young wife Natalya Shevel - whoever was not caught in love under a contract. And some stars don't even hide it. So, Dima Bilan, who came up with a beautiful story with a wedding on the model Elena Kuletskaya for Eurovision, for several years supported the myth about their romance. And then finally he could not stand it.

- We have been forced to live and PR for four years! But we live separately. We are friends and there will be no wedding! - the singer told reporters, who was furious with endless questions.

Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya, after a scandalous divorce from Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, invented love with the talk show star Prokhor Shalyapin. For a whole year, the "lovers" fed the public with stories about joint plans and future children. And when interest began to subside, they admitted without a shadow of embarrassment: it was a PR novel.

“At that time I had trials with Armen Borisovich, all this public negative was so tired that I wanted to be distracted,” the pianist said carelessly. - And Prokhor is a very good TV show partner. I think our joke worked great. We recorded two songs and were even going to organize a concert. And by the way, Dzhigarkhanyan taught me to be cynical!


Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya and Prokhor Chaliapin. Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

The price of love bites

According to experts, the personal lives of stars have always sold well - both weddings and divorces.

“The most famous PR romance is, of course, Pugacheva and Kirkorov,” says star promoter Sergei Lavrov. - I can't say what it was for money, but Pugacheva is a PR master. And when he and Philip got married, the bomb went off. The grandmothers were gossiping about this on the benches, this was the beginning of the news on Channel One. Then the topic of surrogate motherhood was not yet popular, but if they gave birth to children, the people would simply be hysterical. Of course, they immediately converted their popularity into money. Immediately after the wedding, Philip, who was still far from the king of pop, began to collect huge halls, and Alla Borisovna broke insane fees for her shows.


Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov. Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN It is not customary to speak out loud about contract love in show business, so a very narrow circle of people knows the exact amounts.

- I heard that it costs from 1 to 2 million euros per year, but for show business this is notbut for show business it is not that much money, - the promoter continues. - Do you remember that Christina Orbakaite at some point began to appear everywhere with Abraham Russo, they recorded a duet and everyone thought they had an affair? It was thanks to this that Russo appeared on our stage at all. I know that there was a certain contract and Christina received certain dividends, and Abraham - popularity. He then quickly recaptured these investments with reserves and tours. For the sake of rating, artists sometimes go for outright deception.

- One little-known singer from the "noughties" - Oksana Pochepa, aka Shark, invented a story that allegedly met with Hollywood star Mel Gibson. Everyone believed and began to take an interest. They called me: "Gibson himself is caring for her! Why do we need VIA Gra, find out how much Pochepa costs." My orders have gone! - Sergei Lavrov is still surprised. - Although there was no romance in fact: the singer simply pretended to be another girl, who was photographed from the back with the actor. And the people believed this adventurer.

Gifts are also advertising

PR pros assure: if one of the stars is more popular in a pair, then 90% is love for money. At the same time, the contract is not a symbolic figure of speech: relationships are often sealed with a real paper contract. “In our work, we had to deal with such contracts,” says lawyer Sergei Afanasyev.

- Love intrigues and affairs in show business are often a commercial story pre-written by scriptwriters. In the West, for example, this has long become a familiar way of earning money (for example, according to experts, model Irina Shayk and football player Ronaldo earned about $ 30 million from their novel - Ed.). According to the lawyer, each star has its own price list. - There is no average market price, but in the contracts we see amounts of several million rubles, - continues Sergey Afanasyev. - Of course, it does not detail all the actions that a couple should perform - kissing, hugging on the camera or going out to a restaurant together once a week, only a general concept and news feeds: take general pictures, videos, publications on social networks. Sometimes at the beginning of the novel, betrayal or the end of the story, different contracts are concluded so that the participants can assess how much their story has "shot" and correct their behavior.

Another trick: picking up expensive gifts when parting. Such a scandal is paid for, for example, by a manufacturer of cars or jewelry, whose brand the stars constantly mention. Such a life story is sometimes much more effective than direct advertising. There are also several other peculiarities: no matter how expensive such agreements are, even with zero return, when no one is interested in the novel, the money is not returned to the customer. Well, the main point of the PR romance agreement is the nondisclosure clause. Anyone who violates it will have to pay a fine that significantly exceeds the amount of the contract.

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