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He kicked, pulled out hair and blackmailed: Dom-2 star Yulia Efremenkova posted a video with traces of beating by Mondesir




The 35-year-old TV star revealed the details of family scandals. Yulia Efremenkova stated that all this time she endured the cruel treatment of the father of her children.Julia Efremenkova domestic violence beating star scandals He kicked, pulled out his hair and blackmailed: Yulia Efremenkova published a video with traces of beating by Mondesir Social networks of Yulia Efremenkova

The ex-member of "Dom-2" after the birth of twin sons broke up with their father, football player Mondesir Svet-Amur. The young mother did not tell what caused the separation and tried to maintain normal relations with her former chosen one.

Now it became known that Efremenkova for a long time endured humiliation and beatings from Mondesir. The last straw was the scandal on his birthday. The girl prepared a surprise for her ex-lover - she bought the latest iPhone model, booked a table in a restaurant, ordered a cake. However, instead of gratitude, Mondesir pulled the mother of his children by the hair , smashed her phones, took the keys to the apartment and the car. The TV star wrote a statement to the police and revealed the details of the bullying by the athlete. Julia stated that all this time she was silent for the sake of the children .

"I have no more strength. I don't want to cover for anyone. I just want to see my mother, I’m very tired, ”Efremenkova said in tears. Mom she called her grandmother, who recently passed away. Click and watch Friends and relatives of the social media star knew about the problems in the family and discouraged her from arranging a holiday for Mondesir after everything she had to endure. But the girl wanted to surprise him, which turned into a scandal. In the end, she kept the phone and the cake. “Thank you for everything, for giving me two wonderful children and ruining my life. Mondesir, happy birthday! I wish you to find yourself, because you lost yourself a long time ago. Find a person in yourself, ”said Efremenkova. 

Julia said that after the birth of her sons, there were very few happy days, and after the death of her grandmother, it got even worse. One day, she broke down and said on a blog that Mondesir called her, a nursing mother, a "fat pig." Yulia Efremenkova told how the former chosen one mocked her Yulia Efremenkova told how the former chosen one mocked her Social networks of Yulia Efremenkova “He regularly reproached me, saying: “Say thanks for being there in difficult times.” Many thought that I was a fool , that he was a loving father and a man. How can you get away from this? I tried to explain that there are no women who have just lost their mother, are left alone with babies, want to consciously end a good relationship. There was no need to forgive, there was no need to be silent, ”said the young mother. Yulia released the videos she shot after the scandals with Mondesir.

In March, during a quarrel, a man poured water over his chosen one. Efremenkova sobbed, standing on the wet floor. “The man didn’t like the way I was talking to him. He switched to the mat, I switched to him too. So that I shut my mouth, doused me with cold water. At that time, I was still breastfeeding my children. In this state, I came to the neighbors, ”the girl said. Click and watch In another video, Efremenkova showed traces of beatings. “He dragged me around the apartment by the hair, kicked me,” she complained. This time, Mondesir was not satisfied with the fact that Julia was late at work, leaving the children with a nanny. Click and watch The athlete also blackmailed the former chosen one, saying that he would publish a video compromising her, but now Yulia does not care. “I will no longer allow myself to be offended, I will no longer allow myself to be mocked!” she assured. Yulia Efremenkova turned to Mondesir Yulia Efremenkova turned to Mondesir Social networks of Yulia Efremenkova

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