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Gray-haired Vincent Cassel broke up with his 26-year-old wife: Monica Belucci didn’t need him either


Daily Mail: 56-year-old Vincent Cassel broke up with his 26-year-old wife Tina Kunakey. Photo: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS

After five years of marriage, Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey probably broke up. This news from the Daily Mail swept through all foreign tabloids. The journalists remembered how this affair began, how at first no one believed in sincere love between a young girl (at the time Tina had just turned 18) and a gray-haired famous actor. The 30-year age difference gave rise to questions, although what could be more banal than “unequal marriage”. On August 24, 2018 Vincent Cassel married Tina Kunakey ...

They met in 2015 in Ibiza, where both spent their holidays. Aspiring black model drew attention to a well-built man who was great at surfing. As if she did not know who he was, nor that he was the husband of Monica Bellucci herself. Cassel also noticed Kunakey in the bar: the girl laughed contagiously, gathering around her the maximum number of men. Then Tina asked for a surf lesson. The next morning they met, and then again and again ... She liked to listen to his stories about the cinema, and he was charged with her young energy. They saw each other every day, hiding from the paparazzi. They were good together, despite the difference in age, the fact that Cassel was even older than her parents. After the vacation, Cassel returned to Brazil, where he lived then, and Tina to her family in Biarritz.

A year later, they began to appear in public together. The gossip column already knew that they were a couple. Tina's modeling career went uphill: it was enough to appear next to such a famous actor to shower offers for photo shoots, shooting, fashion shows ... For a while, the lovers lived in Brazil, but, in the end, they moved to France.

In May 2017, Cassel's ex-wife, Monica Bellucci, appeared on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival, accompanied by actor Gilles Lellouche, and Vincent next to Tina. And everyone was happy. And then - a marriage proposal, a magnificent wedding near Biarritz, where the lovers at that time had already purchased their own house. 8 months after the wedding, in April 2019, Tina gave birth to a girl, who was named Amazoni.

And suddenly this is all: the other day, 56-year-old Cassel deleted all the photos of his wife from his page on the social network, and Tina, in turn, celebrated her 26th birthday without her husband on April 5. “They broke up a few weeks ago. Tina is heartbroken,” an insider told the Daily Mail. Skeptics were immediately found: why does such a young and beautiful need a 56-year-old man? “Even if it’s for money, you can find younger, prettier and richer people.”

It turned out that not only Tina didn't need Cassel, but also 58-year-old Monica Bellucci, who had an affair with 64-year-old director Tim Burton. But Cassel also has a support group, his fans are sure that the famous French actor will find a younger bride for himself: "Monica, Tina ... now he will still find some 20-year-old model." 

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