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"Divorced with Children": Anna Sedokova Gives Befitting Reply To Everyone Who Criticises her wedding with Janis Timma



Anna Sedokova

A few days ago it became known that 37-year-old singer Anna Sedokova and 28-year-old basketball player Janis Timma tied the knot: the couple's wedding took place on September 6. However, as the star admitted, after this news became public, she was faced with a stream of hate comments that Internet users began to leave on her Instagram. This inspired Sedokova not only to share her experience, but also to encourage women who, like her, were already married and raising children, not to give up on themselves.

Now there will be an important post for those who need it. At 22, when I was leaving with one-year-old Alina (the first daughter of a star from a marriage with Valentin Belkevich. - Ed.) my husband - a traitor and alcohol addict, my mother said that no one would need me. With my child. Divorced. Many years have passed, and every day I continue to prove to my mother that she is wrong. How wrong are those who give up on themselves - the star began her post.


Janis Timma and Anna Sedokova

Then she said that after the wedding she had a "new kind of haters". One girl, under an innocent wedding photo wrote:

"I used to adore her, I hate her now." She is still following me ... Women over 40, mostly blondes for some reason, write me caustic comments like "get married again" or some kind of nonsense about my children. But I am an adult girl and I understand what they write about themselves. I am a reflection of their complexes. I am a reflection of their lack of faith in themselves, - the singer continued.


Anna Sedokova with her husband Janis Timma, son Hector and daughter Alina

Sedokova accompanied her post with a photograph with her husband and children: 15-year-old Alina and three-year-old Hector (she also has a nine-year-old daughter, Monica, who lives with her father Maxim Chernyavsky in the USA - Ed.) And urged all women to believe in themselves and also thanked her husband for his wisdom and strength. 

This post is not about divorces and weddings. This post is about this very belief in yourself!

This post is about kindness and a big heart, with which both men and women accept children without distinguishing them by blood type. Love knows no boundaries, love knows no anger and envy. Life can unfold and completely change at 50, 60 or even 80 years old. .

And I am grateful to my wisest and strongest husband for not giving up and every day is an example in everything for many of us and especially for me. Look for love, strive for goodness, and trust your heart and instincts. And never, never think that this is the end. This is just a new beginning, - concluded Sedokova.

The artist's post resonated in the hearts of many women, who began to share similar stories in the comments. Many noted that children from previous marriages also did not become a problem for them in building their personal lives, and others, who have a fear of being left alone in their arms with children, thanked Anna for talking openly about this and encouraging them to be brave and do not be afraid of change.


Anna Sedokova and Janis Timma PHOTO Instagram


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