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Disgraced actor Armie Hammer "got a job" at a hotel and helped promote the business


There was a rumor that the Hollywood star has become an ordinary concierge. Armie Hammer Armie Hammer. Photo: Global Look Press A rumor has surfaced on social media that 35-year-old Hollywood actor Armie Hammer has taken a job as a concierge at a hotel in the Cayman Islands after a scandal involving allegations of abuse against women.

On July 5, a photo of a flyer for the hotel began circulating on Twitter, depicting the famous artist as an employee of the resort.

"I'm your personal concierge and I'm here to help you get the best out of your vacation," reads the flyer above the movie star's photo.

Information about this spread very quickly on the network, since after the scandal at the beginning of 2021, the actor was not filmed anywhere. He has to earn a living somehow. And so he went into the field of tourism.

But journalists from Variety denied this rumor. They called the actor's lawyer, and he said that the flyer was a fake. And the hotel manager, whose number was listed in the flyer, admitted that it was all a hoax.

It turned out that in his youth, Hammer regularly visited the Cayman Islands and lived there throughout the pandemic. He often stays at this hotel and is friends with some of its employees, plays golf with them. It was these friends who decided to make a joke by releasing a fake leaflet with the face of an actor. They sent it to numbers, wanting to know what kind of reaction such a prank would cause.

The idea worked one hundred percent and even more. The hotel employee admitted to reporters that he had worked in his position for more than 12 years, but had never received so many calls from customers - he could only dream of such publicity. Look for more news from the life of celebrities in our Stardust Telegram channel

Recall that after Armie Hammer was accused of indecent behavior and even rape, the young actor was excluded from a number of profitable projects. He himself denied the indecencies that were attributed to him, but this did not help to defend the good name of the star.

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