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Dimash Kudaibergen showed how he suffered from love at the age of 11


The famous singer had a powerful voice at the age of 11. And he could easily perform even the classical work of Abai, news agency reports.

Dimash Kudaibergen posted a video with his performance of the famous Abai song on social networks. As it turned out, this recording was made immediately after the formation of the children's ensemble "Saz" by the regional philharmonic society.

Even at that age, Dimash was an incomparable performer.

A unique voice that sings from the heart even at such a young age. A man whose beauty of voice captivates millions,

The voice is like a crystal stream, commentators write in all languages ​​of the world.

Judging by the applause, the audience appreciated the future star on its merits. Whereas Dimash performed very artistically, demonstrating the suffering of his love. 


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